Happy Birthday to me!

That’s about as mundane and pointless as it gets.

I am 19 today. “w00t!”

Happy Birthday bubba :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday and best wishes dude/dudette

Most definitely of the dude variety. :wink:

I don’t think it’ll prove as … exciting?.. as the 18th.

Even that wasn’t as exciting when I ended up not getting carded for my first cigarette and porn purchases. rawr. :frowning:

Birthdays are triumphs and each one is more important than the last!! Celebrate well!!


Already a happy birthday surprise… a letter to the editor I wrote to my University’s newspaper was published in today’s issue.


Have a great birthday, Civil Defense. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday and Congrats!

Happy Birthday, Civil Defense. You’re 19 days older than me!

Happy Birthday!!