Happy Birthday Ultress!

Happy Birthday Vickie. Here’s wishing you the best year to come. Enjoy and celebrate the day!!

What exactly happens nine months before the middle of February? There are so many birthdays! Is it spring fever? I don’t know.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ultress. Have a good one, and may your loved ones bring you many presents. And cake!

(Not to mention how many babies are born some nine months after February 14. I find that really amusing!)


Have a great day. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!!! I’d sing, but I want you to still like me. :slight_smile:


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extra hats

Y Ub Y Ub Y Ub Y UbY Ub Y Ub Y Ub

mugs and wineglasses for virtual libations

Happy birthday. May you have a good one, and revel in the joy of being alive for another year.

Happy Birthday, Ultress!

I hope you have a really, really marvelous day. And have you ever noticed that lots of the BEST people are born in February?