Happy Birthday! We got you a sister!

I’m an aunt again! Niece #2 made her grand entrance a little after 6pm today. Three weeks early but still over 7 pounds and about 20 inches long.

Her big sister’s third birthday is Saturday, and there was this small evil part of me that was hoping she’d hold out until then so I would only have one birthday to remember… :smiley: Not sure how niece #1 will react to the baby, she knew that a baby was coming but didn’t really understand what that meant exactly.

Welcome to the world, Megan! You have cool parents, an awesome Granny, and most importantly, an aunt who loves you very much and will never miss an opportunity to spoil you rotten!

Make sure you’re the one teaching her all the cool, magic stuff in the world. Congrats, Aunt Dr. Girlfriend! I hope you make her call you that.

Congrats! My son and his Aunt have an amazing relationship.

Happy spoiling.

Congratulations! Nieces and nephews are awesome.

I once knew two sisters who had the same birthday, three years apart.