Happy Birthday. We need to talk.

Yeah, I just turned 43 today. And the gal I’ve been seeing for 3 weeks “needs her space.” I respect that…but could she not have waited just ONE more day to dump me?
Damn it I hate catching myself doing that. Feeling sorry for myself.

Anyway, I could use a hug.

Love to All,

Aw, sweetie, that reeks.


Happy happy birthday, baby
Yes, I know it is your birthday
May that girlie get a flat
On her brand new cadillac
AAAND find no one to change it!

[sub]Oh, be quiet now. I never said I was a poet, or a singer, or anything even remotely similar to either of those things. :)[/sub]

I hope your birthday is a happy one. <<smooches>>

What a bitch! That’s usually a guy trick, what was she thinking?

Happy Birthday, handsome.

There’s a Hippie down in TN,
And man, he’s got the blues.
Lord there’s a hippie down in TN,
And man, he’s got the blues.
His baby’s gone and left him
With the jilted, birthday blues.

Now this poet up in PA
Saw the tears upon his face.
Lord, this poet up in PA.
She saw the tears upon his face.
And wished that she could cheer him up
With leather and black lace.

Aw, TN, my heart goes out to you. On the otherhand, it looks like I’m just one of the many ladies of the SDMB who’d like to make you feel better.


I was gonna start a Happy Birthday thread for you, but I didn’t think you’d show up, since you’ve been so busy with new girlfriend.
Sorry you got dumped, honey. :frowning:

DAMN!..How many wimmins you got on here anyway? :wink:

I’m sorry TN*hippie, that sucks :frowning:

Happy Birthday anyway, hope it gets better from here.


I’d do my customary birthday thread thing, but now is not the proper time for it.

I’m very sorry that had to happen to you. That’s really a low-down trick, and devastating to to boot. :frowning:

Happy Birthday anyway… hope you’ll start to feel better in a while.



Happy Birthday mon frere!

Re the “gal” scenario I’m sorry TN, but there’s just deep and hard emotional ass reamings for you on the near horizon and well… someone forgot the vaseline. Oh Christ! Your phone is ringing, here comes another one! [sub](astro scampers away like a frightened bunny)[/sub]

I bet she just didn’t get a present for you but was too embarrassed to admit it.

Sorry you’re feelin’ down, hon. I hope the day after your birthday is better. hugs

Happy Birthday Hot Stuff. Sucks about the girl.

(As a quick hint, its no better when they say, “well, I would have dumped you the last time we had dinner, but it was your birthday.” So you’ve been saying you love me on the phone every night for a week and LYING? ARGH!)

Again, Happy Birthday, your year can only go up from here.

Pfft. Some women wouldn’t know a Good Thing if it jumped up and bit them.

Happy birthday, TN, and quick heart-mending.

Don’t know if I can express this too well, but it seems to me that having a woman leave, who would dump her boyfriend on his birthday, is (after time) probably the best gift she could have given you. That’s just cold. The sort of person that would do that is someone you’re better off not hanging with.

Well, I sure appreciate the sympathy. Had no idea I had gal fans here…that’s pretty cool.
BUT here’s the really good news: she changed her mind…later the same day.
We’ve been having “make up sex” ever since …and it’s been great !

Shit happens. Get over it. Life is good.

Love to All,

And here I was starting to worry because we hadn’t heard from you so long! :rolleyes:


** (((((((TN*hippie))))))) **

happy [belated] anyway.

There are plenty of fish in the ocean
who may be worthy of your devotion.
When one gets away
dive back into the fray
You sea, this is a reel good notion.

:eek: :eek: ps, saw the kissy face make up post after I had posted the limerick.

Snappy Hurfday, TN*hippie

What can I say to fit in with the creative responses above? How about: There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Oh yeah, that was good.

Big birthday hugs from your Aunty Canty.


It sucks to be “let go” on certain days.

A buddy of mine had his girlfriend (of about a year) dump him on the same day his father died of cancer. :frowning:
But Happy Birthday, Hippie-man!