Happy Birthday, you LIONsob !

Tomorrow, October the eleventh is the LIONsob’s birthday. He doesn’t post much anymore, but he does read here everyday. He won’t be reading here again untill tomorrow morning when he gets home for work, so please help me make this a nice surprise for him.

I stole the nekkid twister game from Euty’s party and we have the usual munchies and the bar is open.

Happy birthday to you, you’re older than I am
I love you dear.

Hot damn!

If there’s one thing I like, it’s a birthday party!

Pour me a Fat Tire, and I’ll be a happy man!

What are you gonna do with two flat tires MrC?

Oh, heheh, you said “fat” tire…sorry. :wink:
Have a happy one Lion! I’m sure the Lioness will make it very happy indeed!

Happy birthday Lion, hope you have a great day!

Happy birthday, LIONsob. Hope you have a good one.

Happy Birthday, man! You’re catchin’ up to me!

Happy Birthday, LIONsob! And here’s to a great many more! :smiley:

Is the heat up or down for this game of twister? Will LIONsob be known as ole one eye from now on?

I forgot to add that he is 43 now. While I am a mere babe in arms at 42 (for 9 more months anyway).

The heat is on Archer and he knows how to keep his eyes safe. Thursday will make 23 years since our first date and I haven’t been able to poke his eye out yet.

Happy Birthday, LIONsob!

Hope you get everything you want for your b’day present-

Oh, I forgot…you already have her!

Have a wonderful celebration-


Lion is ONLY 43??? How did he get debonair so darn fast???
Happy Birthday ya lil youngin’ you!! :wink:

Happy birthday!!! Well, have a very good one for all of us.

Happy birthday, LIONsob.

A hijack, but you and my brother have the same birthday.


Oh Happy Birthday.
Oh Happy Birthday.
Gloom and sorrow, deep despair.
People dying everywhere.
Oh Happy Birthday!


Give her a flourish for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Arg! Another person with my same birthday. I can never be unique in anything! I’m going to go pout now. :frowning:

Happy birthday you old s-o-b.

Ssshhhhhh, turn the lights out ! He’ll be home in about thirty minutes. Let’s pretend we didn’t start without him. :wink:

** SURPRISE !!! **

I want to thank everybody for the birtday greetings.
Of course now that Ayesha has told all of you the date of my birth I am going to have to kill everybody who posted in this thread. :slight_smile: (just kidding)
Thanks All