Happy Birthday Zoggie!

That’s right! Everybody’s favorite…errr…Zoggie is having her very own, brand-spankin’ new (as of 12:00 this morning, that is) EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY!
So I want all of you guys to flirt with her shamelessly, and be extra nice and whatnot. Oh, and…uhhh…make her vote or something, too. For appearance’s sake.


Hey everybody!!

I’m eighteen today. Whoo!!!

Crunchy Frog, if you’re reading this, do you remember back in the day when I was posting to a thread, attempting to flirt with you. And you stopped me, and you said you couldn’t flirt with me until I turned legal, which is today.

Wow. My span on the SDMB feels so much longer, measured in threads.

I always meant to dol a post about this on the day I turned eighteen, reminding Crunchy of his promise. But of course, I nearly forgot, and would never have posted this, without the help of the lovely Jester. Oh, don’t be bashful, dear, just step on down. ::applause for Jester and his help::

So yay, I’m 18 now, and am really happy…next weekend I’m going to do something speshul, and in the meanwhile, I’m probably going to be blowing the money my parents gave me for gifts on something.

Oh yeah, here’s the link, for those of you paying attention.


Happiest of Birthday’s Zoggie!!!

I hope eighteen treats you REALLY REALLY well!

Much Love,


::runs naked through thread::

It’s not too late…


Happy Birthday, Zoggie! :smiley: