Happy Cannabis day!

A happy Cannabis day to all those on the board.


I checked Google, 'cause I thought, “Hey, is this for real?” Apparently it is. At least amongst the hemp crowd.

So, okay, dude. Happy whatever day to you, too. :slight_smile:

So it’s Canada Day and Cannabis Day?


[/strained, holding breath kind of voice] You too.


Well Ice Wolf I’m really not much of a Marijuana activist, but there is something about this holiday that I find really cute.

This holiday is very much real and is widely celibrated in Canada. Also, with the new laws proposed this fall, and the news that Ontario law enforcers will not arresting people for small amounts, this is a very good day for collective nation wide toke. <cough, cough… weeez> pass the chips, will ya?

[My Mom’s Voice]

But, Every day is Cannabis day.

[/My Mom’s Voice]

I holiday I can be part of when I go home tonight :wink:

I’ll be thinking of all my Canuk brothers and sisters.

If…today is cannibas day…then…what’s april 20th?

Well…I’m too busy these days to join in the festivities, but y’all have fun now, y’hear?