Happy first anniversary to us!

One year ago today, DeathLlama and I tied the knot. We celebrated by staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel last night (the same hotel we stayed in on our wedding night), and the hotel remembered our anniversary!

We were greeted with a card and courtesy “tuxedo strawberries”–strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate in a way to make them look like they’re wearing a tuxedo–and also had a fine gift dessert in the restaurant. Tonight, we have our more private celebration with the cake top, wine, and gifts. And, of course, nookie.

A year! Unbelieveable. I love being married to him…here’s to many more! Hooray for us! :smiley:

Congrats, and of course, happy anniversiary!

Happy Anniversary!!! :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary!!

[sub](You guys get my first experiment with this new-fangled colour bizzo, Ruffian and DeathLlama.)[/sub]

Here’s to all the other anniversaries in the future for you two!

I just can’t believe it has already been a year…

Congratulations and best wishes for another 80 as happy as this one has been…no, even HAPPIER!

Much Love,