Happy Holidays!

Just about every day is a holiday, so let’s celebrate the whole year long!
For instance, today is Corpus Christi-A Christian holiday also known as The Day of Wreaths, it is traditional for adherents to receive their first Communion on this date. It is also Magna Carta Day, Native American Citizenship Day and National Electricity Day. If you find none of this of interest to you, please note that this is also Go Fly A Kite Day. :smiley:

edited to add: If you wish, this can also be a place to celebrate the your birthday(year definitely optional).

Today, June 15th, is the international celebration of the anniversary of my birth. Unfortunately, it is only starting to catch on in far-flung lands but I have already received notification of bells ringing in many states and several countries that observe it strictly.

My officemate is a Jehovah’s Witness. They don’t celebrate holidays so I make it a point to look up what holiday it is every morning and tell him what he is missing out on. It isn’t as mean as it sounds. He has a good sense of humor and most days are quite obscure. I always point out that it is impossible not to celebrate some holidays like Labor Day if you have the day off.

Be careful, I celebrated St. Swithun’s Day in April by accident and then it rained for the next 40 days.

In Spain, First Communions traditionally take place in the Sundays between Resurrection Sunday and Corpus, both excluded. The children who have taken First Communion during that year will take part in the Corpus Christi parade. Perhaps the most famous of these is the one held in Sitges over tapestries made of flowers. Corpus is “the” big holiday in many towns, but it used to be a national holiday, so local governments didn’t need to use up one of the days in their local-holiday allotment for it: in the year in which the central government removed it from the calendar without previous warning (and in fact outside the proper dates for it), it is said that everybody in Sitges got a doctor’s note saying that they could not work for 24 hours and should go for a walk.

Today’s saints include St Ciriaco or Quirico, which is sometimes translated as “Michael” but isn’t the one with the flashy colored wings.