Happy My Day to me

After sleeping until 9:30 (except for a small interruption around 7:00 to let the dogs out), I enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by my daughters (aged 18 & 20) of a portobello, ham and cheese omelette with guava nectar. Then I watched a little of Orange County Choppers without a single request to change the channels. I’m now relaxing in my robe and catching up on the 'Dope. Mrs. Rhubarb is working until 7:00 PM, all of my weekend chores were done yesterday and the offspring are returning to their apartment shortly. I may stay in my robe until mid-afternoon. The only constructive thing I have planned for Father’s Day is to call my Dad in California and ask him about his day.
[Mel Brooks] It’s good to be the King! [/MB]

I have it on good authority that the other 364.25 days of the year are Mother’s Day.