Happy New Year 2013

Here’s to the New Year! Already three hours old, here in Taiwan staying with the in-laws.

Happy New Year to you too! (We haven’t had our rollover yet, unless you’re counting baktuns…) Hope you and your family are doing well!

Happy New Year! Almost 6 hours to go here. My gf is working late and I have become kind of scared of New Year’s parties (not judging anyone, but staying out late and drinking with everyone else who is staying out late and drinking, then driving around, makes me nervous), so I am just going to hang out right here and fart around. I think that means I’m old, doesn’t it? Pffft! Who cares? Happy New Year!

All right, someone posted a New Year’s Thread.
And Happy New Year to you and all the SDMB “Dopers”.
About three and a half hours to go before 2013 descends on the Eastern Time Zone.

2 1/2 hours before New Years here. No party. Just me and the wife watching the tv specials.

Happy New Years everybody!

And Happy Watch Night/First Night to those who take part.

(I’m white. If my terminology is completely off, and this is like cluelessly wishing someone “Hey, Happy Solemn Occasion!” I sincerely apologize.)

Happy New Year’s to you and yours TokyoBayer.

A little over a half hour to go here and I’m yawning. Partayyyy animaaaallllll!

I usually go to bed around 10 so I’m all party central here yawn

7 minutes here.

Happy 2013 the Eastern Time Zone of USA.

Happy New Year, East Coast type people!

Ok, it’s 2013. Show’s over. Everyone back to work!

Happy New Year! Feliĉan Novjaron! Bonne Année!

I’m staying in off the roads myself. The local “drivers” are quite bad enough on a “normal” day, let alone a big drinking holiday.

What language is the second one?

Knowing Sunspace it’s Esperanto. Although I don’t really know Sunspace in the physical universe.

Happy Hogmanay everyone.

I’m spending my New Year’s night watching Airman play Pitfall II on an old Atari 2600 console. It’s the high life, I’m telling you.

I used to love Pitfall I on the Atari 2600… about 25 years ago.

Now I’m listening to Jeno Jando perform Franz Liszt’s Anees de Pelerinage for about the 100th time this year… last chance to hear it again in 2012. I bet Airman would like it. I like that guy, no matter what else I may post on here…

Happy New Year Central U.S. Time Zone! - From Work! :slight_smile: