I'm at work.... Why are you here tonight

Yes, its New Years eve and I’m stuck at work until 7 AM. What are everyone else’s reasons for being here tonight?

Because I have no life and I’m a pathetic loser, that’s why.


Mr. Mauvaise is sick and doesn’t want to go out. Or do much of anything else ::sighs::

Well, my dinner is in the oven, the wine is chilling, and I don’t want to start the video until around 8:00, so basically, I’m killing time. I’ll probably check in a few times tonight, to see if there’s any conversation I want to join. Cyber talk is better than no talk at all. Happy New Year’s to one and all.

The person I’ve spent the last 12 NYEs with told me today that she’s sick and injured and just wants to snooze. And I’m not really up for the bars and had no other plans.

So, happy new year, blur (what time zone are you in?)!

I’m at a friend’s house drinking rum and cokes waiting for her boyfriend and his cute friend to come by and amuse us with movies and dumb comments. I should drink more frequently before the stuff wears off in my system. Then again, whatever. Have a good one for all.

I’m at falc’s place tonight, and the grownups are being dull. Plus I need to boost my post count and I’m keeping track of a few threads.

Beatle - I’m in Eastern Standard. sskuggiii - I don’t know you, but how about sharing some of those rum and cokes. Happy New Year everyone.


My friends call New Year’s Eve “Amateur Night”. I don’t want to be out there drinking with all those greenhorns, so I stay home.

That, and my SYL is stuck in OKC because of this damned snow, my son is at his father’s and my daughter is out an all night skating party. That’s sad. My 14 year old is at a party and I’m stuck at home with the evil cat. <sigh>

Poor Euty. Want me to get Sqrl to wink or whistle at you suggestively?

Well, we have a three year old and no babysitter. Plus I’ve still got the end of a killer cold (kids are great vectors) and we wouldn’t have gone out, even if we could (so we missed the Boston First Night of the new millenium). We’re celebrating with Chinese food and the Books we gave each other for Christmas, and the Champagne we got for Christmas. We’ll watch the fireworks from around the world and celebrate the best we can. I’ve had far worse New Year’s Eves, I can assure you.

and to think I thought I was special…::sigh::

Don’t sweat it. The Aussie says it’s a wipe out already, so I’m just going home.

Spent the weekend re-piping the house. I’ve military-crawled through the crawlspace so many times I can’t lift my arms above my shoulders. And I’ve breathed enough of that awful copper/flux/solder smoke that I’m pretty sure any more toxins would kill me.

Plus, it is amatuer night. NYE and St. Patrick’s day are the two holidays to stay home.

Aw, what’s so great about new year’s anyways?
I worked all day until 7. They had to fire all the new people after an order came down from corporate, so we’re terribly short handed…we dont’ have enough help, but managment isn’t allowed to hire anyone new. Sucked.
I’m so tired…I doubt I’ll make it until midnight.

Oh well…another crappy year.

I am here because I am home tonight doing the Mom with a twenty year old who is off with his friends worrying thing. And because I no life. sigh

I’m boycotting New Years.

I’m at my Aunt and Uncle’s. Bugger if they all haven’t gone to bed. It’s fricking ten pm!

I am deeply shamed by this side of the family.

I’d get drunk, except I don’t drink. So I think I might just dream into the night about beautiful girls. Oh, hell, I do that anyway.

<holds up a glass of Diet Coke> Salut!