Happy New Year, SDMB, for 2004

Around now, it’s heading up to New Years in my homeland of New Zealand.

Happy New Year, fellow Dopers, as your country crosses over into the year 2004. Coming up to my third anniversary of posting here, I want to thank you all for the laughs, info, stories, friendships and company in sometimes lonely hours. This is a great community. Stay safe, be happy, and may you all prosper in '04. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to you Ice Wolf! It’s just after eight a.m. New Year’s Eve here, so the celebrating will commence around eight p.m. at the swampcave. Few friends coming over for munchies and drinks.

And to all the other Dopers, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve whatever it is you’re doing and here’s to a wonderful, happy, prosperous New Year to all! Like Ice Wolf I want to say thanks for this great community, for the laughs, stories, friendships, flame wars and all the stuff that makes the SDMB the best message board ever.

Happy New Year to all my fellow Dopers. I’m practically a newbie, since I’ve only been around for a year and a half – but it’s hard to remember the empty shell my life was before I found the wonderful community that is the Dope.

A very happy and safe New Year to you, Ice Wolf . . . and to all the Dopers!

Thank you, Cajun Man. :slight_smile:

Wishing a healthy and happy 2004 to Dopers everywhere!

Happy new year to you, Ice Wolf, Baroness of ATMB.

It’s been 2004 here for 40 minutes now…happy new year to all of you when it comes your time!

By the way, Ice Wolf, what time zone is New Zealand in, anyway? Are you about 3 hours ahead of Japan?

Looks like Auckland is 4 hours ahead of Tokyo at the moment, acrossthesea, but we have daylight saving in force. Normally, NZ is GMT +12 as shown here.

OK, Aussie and Kiwi Dopers, what’s the future like?

Well, it’s dark. I think that’s because it’s only early morning. :wink: