Happy New Year, World!

Since there are less than six hours to go until the New Year in New Zealand, I just want to take the opportunity to wish our Kiwi Dopers a
Happy New Year!
before they go out partying.

Also, I will be asleep while most of Asia reaches the New Year, so also a big Happy New Year to our Doper friends in Australia, Japan, China, SE Asia, India …

well, you get the idea.

Best wishes for 2010! :smiley:

Since you’re posting from The Future, can you let us know if there are flying cars or invisibility cloaks?

What I want to know is, what will the new decade be called? “The Aughts” was just so…I dunno, lame.

Uh oh. The sky in Melbourne just exploded.

That can’t be good for the city celebrations.

Thanks, a35362. We’re just on New Years Day for 2010 now, here in NZ. And no, the flying cars aren’t here. Yet.

…Happy New Year Ice Wolf!!!

Oh…and Happy New Year World!

Here’s a wish that 2010 treats you all well.

It’s been and gone and become 2010 here in the east coast of Australia.

Happy New Year all! May this be the bestest and brightest decade for everyone!!

May you top your 2009, which sounds like no small feat.

I plan on making my 2010 my best year ever.

Indeed. I feel a new energy, like no other, with this approaching year.

This year I plan to have a lot of good memories.

Here we are in the United States, still stuck in 2009. Wow, it seems like this year will never end.

And before I forget, a happy birthday to all you racehorses out there. They’re all a year older on January 1, you know–at least in the northern hemisphere. I wonder, do they do it differently in Australia?

Here in Hawaii we got quite a bit more to go… approximately 19 hours.

Not sure if being near-last is a good thing or a bad thing… Either way, I’m going to enjoy putting 2009 behind me. :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic! I loves me some optimism.

Happy New Year from China. I can hear a roar from all of the fireworks going off (of course, Chinese New Year will have about 100x the fireworks but still…)

In honor of the New Year, I feel the need to throw this wonderful episode of Net_Work out there. Enjoy.

I’m really connecting with what Torpey is talking about with the glasses. IT’S NOT THE SAME! Gone!

Thank you and I’m also glad you’re going to make 2010 a year to remember. Here’s to us all!

As a relative newbie (join date 8/25/2009) I would just like to say how much I enjoy being part of this board and how much I appreciate all of you darling dopers!
Happy New year! xo!



Thanks! Of course, I had the same lofty ambitions last year, as well as every year before that. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but the year took me places I never dreamed I’d go. A new guitar, a trip to San Francisco, and a horse and buggy ride underneath the country’s biggest Christmas tree were things I just could not have predicted!

Happy Bloody New Year from the Netherlands!

Only 15 minutes early, too.