Happy Pi(e) Day!

In order to foster math awareness I will be distributing pies to my co-workers later this afternoon. Last year, I made two key lime pies but this year they will have to slum it with &W Apple pies.

Also, it is alsoSteak and a BJ Day. I will not be giving either to my coworkers as I don’t like them that much. :slight_smile:

I was happy to spring for a pizza for my coworkers for Pi(e) Day, but as for that other stuff? They are on their own!

So, I elected to get individual pies at our local grocery store instead; apple, cherry, lemon and blueberry. Pie Day Rocks! I’ll have to talk to my SO about the other bit…

Our local Giant Eagle has their pies on sale for $3.14. Yeah!!!

We are having pizza (pie) for dinner and Linn’s Olallieberry Pie for dessert. Yum!

Made sure both kids went to school wearing their pi shirts. Kid #1 has one similar to this one. Kid #2’s shirt says “I <3 pi” with a piece of pie instead of a heart.

Came across this fun fact, which seems relevant: a pie with a radius of z and a height of a has a volume of pizza*.

Clearly, we’re meant to eat pizza today.

But doesn’t steak come from cow(s)-orkers?

At about 15:00 today, I took my blueberry-cream cheese pie out of the oven. It takes time to cool and set, so it should be ready by 16:00. Some of my geeky friends are coming over for a writing session, and I think they’ll approve. :smiley: