Happy Pie Day!

For obvious reasons, today is Pie Day. Most of us have already missed the ideal celebration time (1:59 and 27 seconds, of course), but all day is good enough for the celebration. Eat pie! Be happy! Live well!

wondering how long it’ll take before Weebl & Bob are quoted

Live well. Make cake jealous.

I want to…

But, I shouldn’t…

suppresses the urge to quote

But if you happen to be going to the kitchen…

When come back, bring pie.

There. It’s been said.


Ah. One minute after Pi day.

I’ll take a 3.141592654etc." piece.

No, one second.

I think I had too much pi. Or pie.

Fourteen minutes – longer than I thought!

A good friend of mine came up with the holiday, and we celebrate it every year. We all get together in the evening, each of us bringing one pie, and we gorge till we’re sick.

It’s fantastic!

I’ll take Ð/4 radians of pie, thanks.

For some reason we spent much of math today talking about Key Lime Pie. Mmmm.

Oh, wow, I thought today was the 15th! To think; I almost missed Pie Day altogether!

Wonder what I’m going to have for dessert, tonight? Hmm… Sorbet? No; too cold… Cake? No, that’s not right…

And here’s another quote from W&B:


That D is supposed to be a Pi (my greek characters don’t work on the board apparently).

feh! every knows Pi Month was really 3-00…it only comes once a century!


We had a pi celebration in my math class today. The pie was eaten liberally and we learned about rationalizing the denominator…what a day.

When come back, bring pi.

Or as many digits of it as you can carry!