hardygrrl has a girly moment

I’m sitting here on bed-love the webtv wireless keyboard setup :slight_smile: and thinking about last night’s activity-see the cradle robbing thread.

I had a GOOD time last night but something a fellow Doper had said to me via email is bouncing around my head.

“He’s not buying you flowers-he wants to bang you” about Joe.

That got me thinking-the last guy to buy me flowers was the ex fiancee. Most of the guys I date don’t even buy me drinks-much less flowers or jewelry.

I know I come across as this hardcore chick but DAMN IT I want someone to buy me flowers. To care about how I feel besides when we’re fucking! To open doors for me!


However I still want them to bend me over the couch and pound me until I gasp-but some things never change :slight_smile:
Am I being excessively girly here?
And does that man really exist? Well I think I know one but I don’t think he wants me THAT way :(.

Well, I feel the same way sometimes, so at least if you’re being excessively girly you’re not alone.


There is no such thing as excessively girly. girly is good, and there’s nothing about girly that means you don’t want someone to bend you over the couch and pound you till you gasp (and hopefully moan, thrust back and come to a screaming, thrashing orgasm)

And if it’s clear that it wouldn’t change the fuckbuddy relationship, I think a lot more of us would do so.

But that doesn’t stop me from holding the door for a pretty lady, whether I know her or not.

Hmmm… what part of the country are you in again? :wink:


::Grabs a broom and some flowers:: Any girl who can say, in a public forum, that she enjoys the proper usage of a couch deserve to be swept off her feet.

Course, that’s just me. Your couch usage may vary.


A few boyfriends ago, I had a guy who worshipped me. He brought me flowers, and jewelry on our anniversaries/birthdays, and spoiled me rotten. AND, we had all the good sex too. And then he went and moved to California…damn I miss him.

First off, hardy? Next time I’m out near Illinois, we HAVE to get together for drinks. I’ve just decided this. :slight_smile:

As for the OP - AMEN, SISTER! I want someone to buy me flowers occasionally. I want to be greeted at the airport with flowers once in my life. I want to be treated like I’m special. And then get fucked six ways from Sunday. :wink:

And yeah, I thought I knew someone like that too. And now it’s just a big ol’ mess. sighs

Yes, those men exists.

Yes, there are still some out there.

I’ve had a couple of relationships like that and getting flowers out of the blue for no other reason than they were thinking about me was wonderful.

I asked some of my male friends if they gave their girlfriends flowers -holiday flowers didn’t count- and most of them don’t. They said they just didn’t think about it.

I smacked 'em and told them I expected to hear how they all surprised their SOs in the next week with flowers. :slight_smile:

I never give my SO cut flowers… they just die anyhow. Makes no sense to me… I’ll bring over candy unannounced, and she’s got a wicked green thumb, so I’ll bring over a rosebush (besides, she loves gardening anyhow, and she got 27 roses from my bushes last year :)) if the time is right, but flowers?

Weak, seems to me. If I’m bringing a gift that’s supposed to represent the way I feel, I’d rather bring something that’s not going to curl up and die in a week. Bodes poorly for the emotions, doncha know. :slight_smile:


Falcon…you’re on. If we could get True Pisces with us so much the better :).

And I feel your pain Falcon-met someone online,we flirted and cyberfucked up a storm,did the f2f and he was such a sweetheart::sigh::.

So I email him to tell him that I am attracted to him and how weird it is because he’s so different than the type I usually go for…etc.

His response?

You’re a nice girl and a great friend-I’d like to do more lucnhes with you and we can still cyberflirt BUT…basically ain’t going to happen.

::sighs heavily and hangs head::

Running out the door so this is quick but…

hardy? Email me…I think we’re living paralell lives!

I’ve always given my gf’s flowers.And always the little un expected gifts.The best way is to lay the flowers on the couch so she has to bend over and smell them.

From one who’s seen them both… You are! :smiley:

hardygrrl, m’dear, you’re on. The three of us will have one hell of a night out on the town. Whatever city we happen to be in at the time won’t know what hit 'em!

As far as the OP… sigh funny how life imitates the OPs… There was a time that I wanted someone to sweep me off my feet. Flowers for no reason, phone calls just to tell me that I was loved… romance coming out the wazoo! Then I started thinking about it. And I realized that while the flowers and cards and all that are nice, I’d much rather have someone that cares about me, and shows it in the little ways, someone I know I care for, and is there with me every night, than someone to come in with that broom. I don’t expect flowers any more, or cards or boxes of candy… those are temporary things. Instead, I expect the person I spend the rest of my life with to lay in bed with me at night watching whatever happens to be on the Sci-Fi channel, and talking about what most would consider mundane nothingnesses but takes on importance to us, even if only for a short period of time. To me, that’s a romance all of it’s own.

TP you struck a chord…some of the best times me and the ex had where just curled up together in the couch watching MST3K and talking about everything and nothing:::sigh:::

It’s not really so much about the flowers(Thank you Dublos!) but being treated right and still having great hardcore sex.


You know, people have referred to me as the ice queen. As the least romantic person they know. Most of the time I shrug off mentions of flowers and babies and puppies and such.

But it sure would be nice to find a guy who I think is sexy, and who finds me sexy and who’s romantic to boot. I wouldn’t mind getting flowers. I bet I’d even like it. [sub]Hell, who am I kidding? I know I’d like it.[/sub] And there might even be hot monkey sex afterwards, cause I like that too. A lot.

I had given up on the whole “he cares about how I feel, brings me flowers” thing. At 40, it had never happened for me, even with a guy I dated for a year, so I figured it never would.

Then I met RickQ here at the SDMB. I just got back yesterday from spending 10 days with him in England and not only did he meet me at the airport with a rose, he arranged for one to be on the bed at the guest house. He was incredibly attentive, both in public and in private. In fact, at one point, I worried him by bursting into tears over the fact that he said he was happy to be so attentive to me.

I just never thought this would happen for me–great romance and great sex. I knew I deserved it, because I knew I could be good to someone, but I never thought I would get it, you know? So this feels like a miracle.

I post this just to say don’t give up hope, ladies. There are men out there who are sweet and sexy. Sometimes it just takes a while to find them.

I gave a young lady some flowers on my birthday a week ago. She took them very well. Gotta watch out & make sure a woman takes flowers well. I didnt even ask for a hug or kiss, I just wanted to give her some. I think now that she takes them okay I can give her more.

I take flowers-especially pink roses-very very well and I do show my gratitude…usually orally :slight_smile:

Again if you treat me right and fuck me until I scream I’m yours…

good morning friends, and happy easter!

sunflower, (mrs. longhair) loves getting flowers. i don’t understand why men miss this sure-to-please option. it takes so little effort, and gives so much pleasure. i have an open account at a florist and have their number entered into my cell phone speed dial. i simply press *6, and tell whomever answers to send sunflower pretty flowers. they choose them, arrange them, deliver them to her desk and bill me.

Well, speaking as a man who had flowers delivered to Mrs Chance’s office on Tuesday and Thursday last week I can attest that we exist. She’s in alpha-test and it’s been pretty hectic so I figured why not?

Heck, I’ve done this so often that the other women at her office have taken to calling it “pulling a Mrs Chance” if someone gets flowers or something delivered.

It’s great for her morale and makes me feel good. Seriously, I really like paying that sort of attention to her. Just the fact that someone so wonderful as her chose me all those many years ago does wonders for my morale.

Get what I’m sayin’?

“I take flowers-especially pink roses-very very well and I do show my gratitude…usually orally”

Ah, a price far below rubies. :slight_smile:

I find the most beautiful red roses, perfect buds, so perfect I can barely look at them, at Albertsons of all places. They are usually about three bucks.