Harry Potter 7 - real spoilers! Do Not Enter!

Ok, some room for the roll-over.

From Reuters news:

Rowling says 2 characters die in final Potter book

(I’ve been spoiled now, even though I didn’t want to. It was on the bloody front page of Yahoo! grumble But thus the excessive spoiler warning.)

Oh no, she’s not fooling me with that again. I remember the highly touted demise of a character who turned out to be Cederic Who-The-Hell-Is-He Diggory.

I’m guessing one of 'em’s Voldemort.

Ha, good one, a35362 (you should change your username!)

But Lissa, I was upset when Cedric died. I wasn’t expecting it at all, since I had managed to SUCCESSFULLY AVOID ALL SPOILERS! I am really irritated with Yahoo for slapping it like that on their front page.

I don’t know, I can’t say that’s really spoiling anything for me. I would find it odd if 2 or more characters DIDN’T die in the next installment.

I’m certainly not expecting all of the main characters to remain alive through the end.

Piggy, you’re right of course. So I’m not say, writing Yahoo! and complaining. Especially since most people don’t care. It still annoys me though.

Yeah, I do understand hating spoilers. I know a lot of people were spoiling the last one on purpose, just be jackasses.

Voldemort is toast.

I say that Harry would have to be based on the interview of not wanting the characters dug up and their adventures continue after she is dead.

The thing is, there goes the narrative for the story. Unless she changes that.

My mind boggles.

As long as she doesn’t pull that Order of the Phoenix stunt and go “ooh look, so and so has died, just like it said in the papers… Hah, not really, made you look!” all the way through the book. :rolleyes: