Harry Potter and no Vampires?

A thought recently burst into my head as I am reading a vampire book while anxiously awaiting for the new Harry Potter installment.

There are werewolves, ghouls, ghosts, trolls, goblins, large spiders and, naturally, witches, but in our adventures with young Harry, we have not seen nor any mention of any Vampires.



Currently, we have silver based anti-vampire technology. It uses much the same technique required to kill any other thing. Our war against hunting and exterminating the vampires currently seems to be at a standstill. They, however, can use far more specialized techniques to wipe them out. Thus, they are likely to have far fewer vampires then us.

Didn’t Hagrid mention a disagreement with a vampire in a pub in Minsk when he’s telling his story about the giants in OotP?

You know, it’s almost as much of a spoiler as mentioning something not in the books as it is to mention something in the books.

Just sayin’.

Yeah, but we don’t really know that much about them. Since it was mentioned they might side with Voldemort, it could be a big issue, and certainly one I’d like to see.

In any case, it’d be interesting to see what kind of anti-Vampire feeling there was. Unlike werewolves, of course, they presumably don’t go around killing and infeecting others by the hundreds given half a chance. If Rowling is nice enough not to use movie Vampires (Aaaargh! The Sun kills me! Dead), and they keep their magical powers, they could become very dangerous indeed.

New thought: can any Muggle learn spells after becoming a Vampire? If so, I can see why the Wizards would keep it quiet.

I am a sucker for things that are Roman.

I watched the first installment of this last night and boy, is it ever easy to tell the difference between a big budget movie with great acting and B actors.

Some stole their scenes (Cassius & cicero, respectively. And whomever the Young Vestal Virgin Chick is.) some just phoned in their parts. The guy who plays Marc Anthony I like, he actually looks like he could kick ass.

The scene where Tyrannus is in bed with his wife it is night…then…suddenly…he’s off walking with Cesaer in a feild of wheat…and it’s daylight…ummmmmm…huh?

The opening sword fight seen with Tyrannus and the clumsy attackers was comical in its staged slowness. Yet, the guy who plays him is winning me over as a Russell Crowe Want to Be…without the intensity. Besides the perpetual two day growth of beard on his chin, he is growing on me and I can’t say why.

But, is that Trudy Styler as Cesear’s former lover? Gah…she looked awful…Mr. Ujest and I both went “AHHH!” She looked like a Transvestite and not a very good looking one at that. Her looks just threw the entire scene. If she actually acted good in them I cannot tell.

It is definately a summer filler mini-series.



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I thought Lockhardt had bragged about dealing with a vampire in Chamber of Secrets.

Thanks, Scott. I took my stupidity elsewhere. Please ignore anything non vampirey .

We know very little about vampires in Harry Potter, but we know they’re protected from anti-vampire violence by the Ministry of Magic. It’s strongly implied they can control their thirst for blood – they even have blood-flavoured popsicles, presumably to help control the craving.

That said, they’re hated. Vampire-hunting is illegal, but a lot of people are itching to do it.

Most fans believe that there will be a vampire at some point in the series, because they’ve been mentioned so many times. Since we don’t know Rowling’s “vampire rules”, it may be possible that one of the current characters is a vampire (in some traditional vampire stories, they can go out in the sun, for instance).

Snape seems a likely candidate, though given Rowling’s penchant for surprises, it may be someone else. For all we know, she’s scrupulously avoided putting some character out in the sun, and we just never noticed it because it was too subtle.

The only other thing we know about them is that they’re pale and gaunt, and afraid of garlic. We’ve never seen anyone eat garlic in the series, IIRC, and “pale and gaunt” describes half the characters in the story.

I’d absolutely classify the dementors as a type of vampire. Dunno 'bout all y’all, however.

We don’t know what Dementors are – even if they’re undead or alive – if they can make more of their kind, if they can die. She doesn’t have an entry for “Dementor” in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and her entry for “Vampire” doesn’t mention them.

There’s a monster called a “Lethifold”, though, that’s like a non-humanoid Dementor found in tropical areas. They look like black cloaks, and they don’t eat souls – they eat people. I’ve seen it speculated that a Dementor is a Lethifold that’s eaten somebody, though that seems kind of silly. They might be related, though, on the magical creature family tree.

VAMpire…not EMpire…close though. :slight_smile:

Hmmm…maybe a Lethifold/vampire mix? Could be one of the extremely excellent reasons for such stringent laws regarding cross-breeding.

They certainly fit the Eastern European version of Vampires. I wonder if maybe they get new Dementors by using the “Soul Kiss.” Let’s just say they don’t seem like the kind of creatures that can mate to produce babies. As to whether even an Avada Kedavra can kill one… Who knows?

Is this the title of the next book? Harry Potter and No Vampires? Seems like it would be awfully short.

“There are certainly no vampires in here,” said Harry.

“No, not a one,” replied Ron.

“You know I’m vastly smarter than both of you, right? Just wanted to make sure that was clear,” added Hermione.

The End.

I think one of Lockhart’s books was called Voyages with Vampires. Also, it’s mentioned in the first book that the reason Professor Quirrell reeks of garlic is that he had an encounter with one in Roumania, and it freaked him out so much he keeps garlic on him at all times.

Yep, also (spoilers for Prisoner of Azkaban follow, but come on. Its’ been like 5 years.)

Snape assigns lessons on werewolves while Lupin is out. Lupin is a werewolf. Lupin assigns lessons on vampires when he returns. Snape is a… I guess we’ll see. You’d figure he could make the potions to control it, as he did to control Lupin’s condition.

Actually its Harry Potter and No Vampires. They all wear creepy masks. It interferes with the whole blood-sucking thing, but its’ tradition.