Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix delayed?

Egads! I want my HP now, daddy! Now, now now!


Huh… I thought she was already done with it and it was sent for editing?

It seems from that article that delays are due to her involvement in the making of the films.

Goddammit! I knew no good would come of those blasted films! Stop making them RIGHT NOW until the series has finished.


“OK, buddy, what’ll you have?”

“Griffin Burger, medium rare, and a Hagrid Cola”

“How about your bird?”

“An order of Buffalo Wings. Extra Hot.”

Could a Doper who’s a little closer to JK, geographically speaking, lock her in a room until she’s done?

That never works. I’ve been trying to get someone in Arizona to do that to Melanie Rawn for the last three years and she still hasn’t finished The Captal’s Tower


But then the kids will be too old to play their characters.

Amen. At least Stephen King’s done with the next Dark Tower book.

And if anyone wants to lock Robert Jordan into a room, that would be nice. Even if he never writes another book, at least he’d be locked up.
(sorry, that wasn’t very nice at all)

Hehe. Somehow when I think of the perfect place for Jordan, I’m envisioning him in the de Sade role in Quills. Locked away, no paper, no writing instruments…ah…that’s nice…


Excuse me, folks, but you can complain after you’ve waited TWELVE years for a book, like we had to wait for the next Earthchildren’s book by Jean Auel…jeez, three years is nothing, a cakewalk, a stroll in the spring rain…

And have you read Shelters of Stone? Slow doesn’t cover it. If I had to read one more time “. . . noticed her unusual accent” I was going to have to write a note to J.A. and her editors. We got the point – she’s DIFFERENT!
Another writer to lock in a room until he’s finished: John Varley. Please, anyone in the Pacific Northwest PLEASE track this man down and make him finish the “Nine Worlds” trilogy or whatever the follow-ups to Steel Beach and The Golden Globe are called.

Yep, as a matter of fact, I did just finish the book. It was okay, but I think a little more editing could be done. There were a lot of interesting characters, but very few of them were fleshed out. I’m glad J and A finally got married and that A had the baby.

This concludes this hijack of this thread. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.