Has a celebrity ever "come out" as asexual?

If so, what do you think the response would be?

Stephen Fry did years ago (though I’m not sure how serious he was, and he changed his mind and got a boyfriend). No idea what they thought in the US, but in the UK, well, he’s such an eccentric anyway I don’t think anyone thought much of it.

Jeanane Garofalo.

Response: People write on their blogs about it.

There’s rumors Tom Cruise is, but thats probably all bullshit

And since he hasn’t come out as asexual, it doesn’t count.

Paula Poundstone has said she was asexual.

And that’s the problem. If you say you don’t have any sexual feelings, most people, regardless of their own orientation, will call bullshit.

I have a friend who worked for a well-known comedian for years. My friend insists this person is asexual. I don’t know the comedian at all, have no reason to believe my friend is lying, yet STILL don’t believe it.

Janeane Garofalo claims to be asexual. That’s what it says in her Wikipedia entry. It’s also what she says at 18:15 in this YouTube video:



At 20:25 in the same video, there’s a minute or two about the claim that Morrissey is asexual, as it says in his Wikipedia entry:


In each case, though, it appears that they weren’t claiming to be asexual their whole life, just some significant proportion of it.

Sorta. Stephen Fry came out as celibate, not asexual, in what was essentially a humorous article for Tatler in the mid-80s.

Though he has confirmed that he remained celibate for sixteen years straight (heh) during most of his 20’s and 30’s, I don’t think he’s ever claimed to be asexual. Simply not having sex, even for a long time, isn’t the same thing as fundamentally not having any physical desire for sex or attraction towards anyone as a potential sexual partner.

I’d make the same distinction for many if not all of the other celebrities named here as “asexual”. Being bisexual, celibate by choice, or just plain too busy or depressed to have a sexual relationship doesn’t automatically equate to asexuality.

Paula Poundstone has long claimed to be asexual.

And is on this list of asexual celebrities.

I’ve just always assumed she was gay. But she probably would have come out already. Maybe she’s just asexual.

Didnt she get caught with an underage girl or boy??

Or was she just emotionally and not sexually attracted to the child??

she was charged with committing a lewd act with a 14 year old girl, but the prosecution asked that the charges be dropped.

The horror writer H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), while not completely asexual (he was married briefly), had very little interest in sex.

Man, I couldnt even fathom being asexual. I’m one of the horniest guys in the world, wind blows too hard and I have an erection :smiley:

Richard Simmons

But I remember that essay, which was in an anthology of his stuff that I read probably 20 years ago and don’t have to hand, and IIRC some of the key points that he was making was that it was a fundamentally silly thing to be doing with someone else’s private parts, and wasn’t it more trouble than it was worth in a relationship because sometimes one of you would want to do it when the other one didn’t, and besides, he thought he wouldn’t be any good at it.

Admittedly with Fry it’s not always easy to get through all the intellectual pretentiousness and discuss whatever he might be saying with detachment, but I would have thought that the preceding paragraph would put him firmly in the asexual camp, as might quotes such as these:

Of course, that was then.

The lewd act was being intoxicated around a minor to be specific.

And besides the Wikipedia entry that LibrarySpy links to, there’s this entry:


That. The minor was her adopted daughter, with whom she was caught drunk driving.

Morrissey has for a long time claimed to be “asexual & celibate.” Which probably means he’s in the closet, not that it’s anybody’s business.

Two separate incidents. She was arrested for driving while intoxicated with her adopted/foster children in the car, and was convicted. Around the same time, she was also accused by her foster daughter of sexual abuse, but the accusation wasn’t credible (or possibly recanted), and all charges were dropped.