Has any Supreme Court final ruling helped Trump?

It’s hard to keep track of how many times Trump has tried to get the Supreme Court to rule in his favor, whether it be the election, January 6, the Mar a Lago documents, his financial records, etc. But it seems that although they have slowed the wheels of justice in his favor by temporary stays or sending a case back to a lower court they’ve never given a final ruling in his favor. Is this correct, or at least they’ve ruled against him far more often than for him?

I don’t know if this counts, but apparently John Roberts has decided that Congress doesn’t get to see Trump’s tax returns. For now. And if the GOP retakes control of the House, probably ever.


No, as that’s just a temporary stay. Much like Thomas’s stay of Lindsay Graham’s being required to testify before the Georgia grand jury in Trump’s election interference case, which ultimately became a 9-0 ruling against the Senator.

Temporary stay but looks to be aimed at running out the clock just in case Republicans take back the house.

Gawd, this is driving me crazy. This is not a politically driven witch hunt like Hillory’s emails. This was the POTUS highly likely directly involved in an insurrection, who knows how many felonies, ad nauseum. And the courts are taking forever to allow items like tax returns to get to the bottom of this. Follow the money. Or the Eastman emails that were “attorney client privledge”.

Why, those ungrateful wretches!

Strictly speaking, few (any?) SCOTUS rulings have been in Trump’s direct favor. However, the benefit has been in slow-walking the rulings, such as the one @JohnT just referenced re Trump’s tax returns.

The ruling in this case was never in doubt. The language is entirely clear from a legal point of view. Yet it took the SCOTUS 3 years to issue their tiny, unsigned ruling stating as much today.

The delay was the gift to Trump.