Supreme court to rule on Trump keeping financial docs from Congress and NY State

Arguments in March decision likely in June.

I guess it comes down to how Roberts vote.

I would hope that it’s not only Roberts on the right who would rule that a President under criminal investigation must comply with a subpoena, but you are probably right

Here is the SCOTUS order granting certiorari:
The cases are consolidated, and a total of one hour is allotted for oral argument. The cases will be set for argument in the March 2020 argument session.
That could potentially be after the Senate votes whether to convict the President. It could also be used as an excuse to delay the vote.


No the senate will not delay the vote. They will want to dispose of it as quickly as possible so they can go back to doing nothing.

How will Roberts vote? Hard to tell. If he votes to keep the returns secret, he will be opting for an imperial president and also weakening the court as a neutral arbiter. If he votes the other way, they will be accused of mixing in the election, the same motive that Comey used to announce 10 days before the election that a new cache of emails had been found.

There’s a pattern at this point of Trump losing on an issue in all the lower courts but winning in SCOTUS. It doesn’t always hold up, but it seems to more often than not.