Has anybody entertained only harmless

fantasies, not sadistic or homicidal ones? If you have entertained sadistic or homicidal fantasies, what were they and do you know why?

There’s no factual answer to this, so I’m moving it over to IMHO.

I’d list mine, but then I’d use up all of the available photons and everyone’s screen would go dark.

Everyone fantasizes. Even your mom. Think about that for a while.

Heh. :smiley:

If I understand the OP, what I think you’re asking is whether or not anyone is immune to sadistic or homicidal fantasies … no? That is, are your fantasies only ever harmless ones?

If I’m wrong, please clarify.

But I can say this … in my youth, when I had trouble sleeping, I used to run through coreographed fight scenes in my head … like directing a martial arts movie. It probabaly stemmed from the fact that I never got into that many fights, and the ones I did get into were hardly Hollywood style.

Other than that, I suppose every sixteen-year-old would like to think of themselves as the baddest mo-fo walking.

Can’t say I’ve had too many similar fantasies since, though.