Has anybody seen Spawn: the animated series?

I viewed the year one and two recently. I was impressed, I hope other series like this will be created because of this.

What did you think?

I liked it personally, and I am not a fan of the comics (too gritty for me). I have always been a fan of adult animation (Heavy Metal, American Pop, South Park to a degree) and this fits in nicely.

I can only hope that HBO keeps it up.

I thought it was pretty kick ass myself. I watched the first 2 seasons before leaving for college and now that they don’t HBO up here I cannot watch it anymore. Damn that sucks actually now that I think about it.

Blockbuster, et al. rents 2.5 hour tapes of each year. You should be abe to find year three on tape somewhere.

I tried to record all the episodes the first year but… I am just to lazy.
Very good series. Picked up the DVD’s the other day at Best Buy.

Looks like series 4 maybe a series or a full length movie. Either way, MacFarlane will likely go straight to video from what I’ve heard.

Love it. Totally. When the series first aired, I scheduled my weekend around it. At least twice I rushed home from the bar I was in to watch Spawn then returned afterwards.

I have not seen the Spawn animated series on the tv (I am in the UK, so it prolly hasn’t aired) but I have the first few videos. They came out a while ago, but I have missed the last few cause I have been broke. I also bought the comic books (not the individual comics). I love them both. The live film sucked though.


Then you won’t be happy to hear this

Ol spawnie is supposed to have a sequel…

I agree with you assessment. The comic was good (to a point) and the animated series ripped the tits. MacFarlene animation is about the best out there right now - they did the Korn and Pearl Jam vids as well.

Todd though is killin me. I have met him personally at least 4 or 5 times and he is egomanical. Sure he has a great comic and all, but man is he is becoming Jerry Lewis.

I dunno, maybe he calmed down a bit since I last saw him at a con.