Has anyone ever been "Busted" by google street view?

I mainly mean wanted criminals who may have been identified as now living on other cities or escaped convicts.

Although stories of being caught on vacation with the mistress when you were supposed to be on a business trip would be viable alternatives as well.

There was a kid in the Netherlands who found his mugging had been caught on Street View. It led to two arrests. Maybe not exactly what you were looking for, but I think they use software to blur faces.

I’m not going to look for it, but wasn’t there a story about some guy peeing on his house when the View Car went by?

Here is one story where a wife saw her cheating husband’s vehicle parked at her friends house.

On News of the Weird (Chuck Shepherd), there were reports of various municipalities using Google Earth to spy on residents to see who had illegal pools, new construction, or additions without getting the proper permits.

There’s a website called Streetviewfunny.com, and there are a few pics of people peeing there (and other things.)

I wondered about that. In many areas there are notorious “strolls” where streetwalkers congregate, and when I was going street by street thru SF for another project i noticed with a shock that somehow they had avoided taking any pics of streetwalkers.

Actually IIRC we have a doper who works in software that will automate the process of finding new construction via aerial imagery.