Has anyone ever been falsely accused of rape by/involving minor or during high school?

Doesn’t it logically stand to reason that the likelihood of getting falsely accused and convicted of rape is going to be proportional to the number of successful rape cases in general? Every woman who was raped and is unable to be believed or convict the offender lessens the likelihood some innocent guy is going to get railroaded. If people don’t believe women who were ACTUALLY raped, what makes you believe they are going to believe them when they fabricate the whole story?

If 59% of rapes were not reported to law enforcement, what % of false rape accusations thus get taken seriously?

Would you be willing to falsely accuse someone of rape, particularly if you had legions of people challenging your account, the willingness to have an invasive medical procedure to verify (rape kit), and the personal conviction to see someone go to prison over it? If the answer is no, why would you assume there would be a lot of other women with this attitude?

Clearly, you have not met my cousins.

Ex-convicts include Martha Stewart, Tommy Chong, and a few of my nearest/dearest buddies. I have a B.S. and four years beyond that and am probably upper-middle class depending on exactly where the cutoff is. Never done time (never been caught).

The crimes her husband and other friends have been convicted of were NOT non-violent and victimless. Don’t know of anyone who committed murder, but these people have lengthy rap sheets for drug trafficking, armed robbery, pimping, etc.