Has anyone ever been falsely accused of rape by/involving minor or during high school?

I remember in my high school a girl in 9th grade got pregnant and the father (17) was arrested. He was being accused of statutory rape.

It got me thinking though of another case where some two friends of a friend in school were accused of rape after attending a party. The news spread around the school and the boys were suspended for 3 days. I was shocked that they could have done it, they were nice, didn’t get into trouble, made decent grades, had good parents; but there was also that chance that they did.

A few days later the parents of the girls made them apologize for making the story. Luckily for them, it didn’t escalate into a legal situation. Unfortunately their reputation has been nearly destroyed.

Its scary though, how a girl in high school can accuse a guy of something so serious and ruin his life without any substantial evidence? But school is only a small part. Even when an adult, you can be brought down by claims of statutory rape.

Has this ever happened to you and/or to anyone you know?

I’m sure that someone has been falsely accused, pretty darn open GQ you have there.

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Nope, thank God! I feel like your reputation would never fully recover, rape is serious stuff and people tend to assume guilty.

So, did you join just to start this thread? Surely you have more to say on the subject…

By the way, statutory rape & forcible rape are somewhat different.

Thanks for clearly showing us where this new novelty account is going. This is “your issue.”

Try here, you’ll get a lot of traction.

A student at a local high school turned in two freshman students for having sex on the school bus. Seriously. When the girl was called into the office, she burst into tears and accused the boy (whom I know) of raping her. Police were then called, etc. Given that they were on a school bus in front of a ton of people, it wasn’t long before she recanted her story. Both students were suspended.

It isn’t like the olden days. In my day, we just got into fights on the school bus!

Why were the boys suspended? Were they members of a club whose members were not allowed to attend parties where alcohol was served?

When I was in college (and I’m going to mention their races because it’s relevant to the discussion), a black girl wanted to date a black football player, and when he turned her down AGAIN, she went to the ER and said that he and 3 white football players (whom she refused to name) had raped her. :mad: The exam revealed that not only was she not raped, she was a virgin! Usually, you can’t tell, but in this case, they could.

He was taken in for questioning until all the results came back, and he was very distrustful of women for quite some time, as one could imagine.

Several years ago, I worked with a woman whose (now ex-) husband worked at the local alternative high school, and she claimed that he was cheating on her with at least one of his students. I say “worked” and not “taught” because this was not a school where any learning took place; it was simply a place to warehouse the worst of the worst kids until the law said they didn’t have to go to school any more. :rolleyes: Now, if that’s true, he belonged UNDER the jail, and if it wasn’t (and I suspect that I’m right), that’s an accusation as vile as accusing him of messing with the kids when there’s no evidence that any such thing happened.

Were they really having sex? This almost sounds like a variation of the Mile High Club. OTOH, I went to a very small church when I was a teenager, and two kids from our youth group were caught having sex in a Sunday School room. :eek: I did not believe the story at the time, but I now think it’s probably true.

In my old town, there were rumors that kids at the intermediate school (4th through 6th grade) were not allowed to sit more than 4 to a table in the lunchroom, because they had caught girls performing oral sex on boys during the lunch hour. The one person I know of who believed the story mostly associates with ex-convicts, so go figure.

False accusations of rape happen, and they are a bad thing. But actual rapes and sexual assaults are a much, much bigger problem, that hurt a lot more people, and to a much greater degree.

While it does happen, I don’t think it happens nearly often enough to worry about it in everyday life.

A lot of Fedora-wearing Men’s Rights Activists will treat this issue as the new Red Menace and act like every adult [white] male is extremely vulnerable to some conniving harpy just waiting to destroy his reputation. However, the sad reality is:

Far more women who were actually raped, even those brave enough to report it with corroborating evidence are ostracized, minimized, dismissed, humiliated, and simply handwaved into believing that they are making the whole thing up, nobody believes them, why make such a big scene/you were asking for it/why are you trying to ruin [person’s] life/etc.

Think about all the times women DO get raped and nothing happens. You think the women that LIE about it are really going to get much traction, when the ones that are telling the truth (with evidence) aren’t taken seriously?!

Nope, pretty much my rule has always been: don’t fuck the underaged.

Any evidence for this?

It seems unlikely, since to know this you would need to know what percentage of rape accusations are false. And from previous threads on this board, I know that the published figures range from ~50% to ~1%.

So I suspect that you’ve just made this up.


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Not according to the boy (because I’ve never asked him), but a third party, she was giving him a blow job.

Back when I was in high school, we hadn’t yet defined “date rape” but we did have disco.

IDK where you live, but in my experience, it is NOT normal for a person who has a college degree and was raised in a middle-class family with no history of people being incarcerated would choose to associate primarily with ex-convicts.