Nearwildheaven, you're a racist piece of shit

It’s telling that the thing you are most concerned with is being called racist.

Not, you know, **supporting capital punishment for someone crashing granny’s car and stealing candy after curfew. **

Racism is the best case scenario here.

If I were in charge of that board, it wouldn’t have just been a banning. It would have involved tracking you down in real life. If your sense of proportion in punishment is that far out of wack, I’d be worried how you punished your own children.

You not only said this horrible shit but repeated it here like we’d all find it reasonable. What the goddamned fuck is wrong with you?

While we’re here, let’s take a moment to appreciate nearwildheaven’s bonus-trolling: Her thread in which she explains that the real problem is that women don’t understand what sexual harassment is.

We’re so lucky to have shitheads like nearwildheaven around to explain it for us pretty little airheads.

Tracking someone down in real life? Why would you do that?

Yeah, I couldn’t believe that one. She just blows off young women getting raped with her breezy comment dismissing rape culture. nearwildheaven hasn’t ever been on my radar, but all if a sudden tonight, what the ever-loving fuck??

My grandmother died 2 years ago. Otherwise I would wonder if she is nearwildheaven.

You just haven’t been paying attention. Which is probably for the best.

Not to single out the blacks, or women who cry ‘rape’ though, she also doesn’t like all these autistic kids having big birthday parties like the kind she was never invited to just so they can get a bunch of presents and attention and fun and stuff.

You know what’s just as bad as racism? Stalking people. What the goddamned fuck is wrong with you?

On having their (her?) earlier post quoted for me in the relevant thread, I’ll have to agree.

I can put down the callous disregard for the basic value of human life as being symptomatic of something like depression or general mental laziness in the form of, “If you just kill everyone that could be problematic, then you’re never going to have anything problematic happen.”

But the description of the kid’s crimes that we are given make that assumption untenable. I don’t think that if you told her that a white kid went joyriding and stole a lollipop that her instinct would be “murder now!”

I imagine that she does believe that she’s simply using the logic I stated. But I suspect that it would not be hard to demonstrate that her implicit expectation of what a person would do, given a known set of facts, would diverge greatly if you changed the race of the person and nothing else.

You’re not even in charge of your own basement. Fuck off with your “we.”-You are a sad, lonely child doing time in your own skin.

People who needed to die and deserved to die:

  • Hitler
  • Dahmer
  • The Peado Priest
  • Trujillo
  • Tommy Desimone
  • That fucker who came to my eleventh birthday and broke the chain on my bike.

NWH has long been on my radar as a fucking moron and mouth-breather. God forbid she’s an actual pharmacist! People are risking their lives to an incompetent jackass.

Long on my radar as well, for peddling disinformation and general shit-stirring.

So how’s your Mod audition going?

She really embodies a weird mix of self-loathing misogyny/apologisim with total obsession with women . . .she’s profoundly uninterested in anything to do with men and treats them as flat stock characters in any narrative. If I found out she was a man who was abused as a child and has been lurking/adopting a female persona in the internet for years, I wouldn’t be surprised.

But it’s the smilies that drive me batty.

And the ebola obsession. That’s weird.

Racist piece of shit spewed her hatred my way here.

Fucking trash.

As someone who asked her in the thread linked by the OP, “Is that really the standard for justifying murder? Really? You don’t think that, by that metric, there’d be millions of people who “deserved” to be murdered?”, and received no response, I welcome this pitting. What a cynical, brutal, shitty way of regarding your fellow humans. Absent any further explanation, I agree with the OP that there’s definitely some racial animus going on there.

However, in light of kayaker’s linked post, I don’t think it’s just racism. There’s a general misanthropy on display here that is sickening:

Fully support this pitting. Always thought she was at least an idiot if not worse. But no one else seemed disturbed by her so I thought it was me.

This one goes out to the one I love?

She’s been unemployed the entire time she’s been on this board, due to an unpleasant job situation which left her too upset to ever work again. So she spends her days on true crime message boards and here, spewing her wisdom.

Don’t forget hanging out on boards where apparently the only topic of conversation is divorce and women who don’t get what they want as gifts.