Has anyone ever run the table at an SDMB forum?

Has anyone ever simultaneoulsy had the “last reply” (a meaningful one) in every single thread within a single SDMB forum?

Was he banned?

With thousands of threads in each forum and a posting limit of once every 60 seconds, I don’t see how this would be possible.

Lorenzo is probably talking about the first page of the forums. I don’t see how it could be done. It’d be hard enough to get your name on the “last replied” list on the forum description page.

Why would someone be banned for happening to post a meaningful message in every forum.

I think it could be done; at thanksgiving, for example, the board seemed almost devoid of activity.

Yes, that’s right: on page one.

I had a pretty good run this morning on MSPIMS, more than half of the threads on page one, which made me think of it.

You know what, I should have put my money on Handy. :smack:

Mangetout: << Why would someone be banned for happening to post a meaningful message in every forum. >>

The key words there are “happening” and “meaningful.”

Someone might be banned for simply hopping along to every thread and posting nonsense for the sake of meeting Lorenzo’s question.

“With thousands of threads in each forum and a posting limit of once every 60 seconds, I don’t see how this would be possible.”

Mods don’t have that 60 second limit…so they could do it I bet, maybe during some off hour. Posts wouldn’t have to be that meaningful, it could just be a generic, say ‘what a great question the OP is asking us, I never thought of it before’…

One time I asked if there was a question that was suitable for every forum on the board. I think that was one of my 0 reply topics.

handy, do you have the highest post count?

Yeah, I think he does by a fair amount, relatively speaking.


I’ve had my name up there for what I consider to be a large proportion of the threads on a forum’s front page (say five or six of them), but it’s nothing to be proud of as:
a)Geography has a lot to do with it, and it’s easy for us Aussies to post in the wee small hours Chicago time, and,
b)It implies I’m a boring bastard who kills threads - having the last word isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it often isn’t what you’d like on a message board.

To answer the OP more directly, the chances of a person posting in peak traffic time on the boards, and getting their name in the “last reply” box on most( or all) threads on the front page of a forum purely because their posts are so good there can be no reply? Almost impossible.

Yes, we do, I’ve run into it. Don’t try to tell people about this message board when you don’t know what you’re talking about, handy. Also, anyone answering in the fashion you advocate would quickly become unpopular, as a “nonsense” poster. I believe it would qualify as being a jerk, in fact.

"Yes, we do, I’ve run into it. "

Well, alright then, I sit corrected, however on other message boards which I have moderated, we did not have this limit. So, I guess it varies by board…

I think I-- by accident-- found out that that’s not necessarily true. Last night, I had two threads open in two seperate windows. I previewed one, and while the page refreshed with the preview info, I switched over to the other window and hit submit to a reply I had crafted earlier. Right after I hit submit, I returned to the other window, glanced at my preview and hit submit.

As soon as I hit submit, I thought, “Oops, I have to wait 60 seconds,” but surprisingly both replies were submitted to their respective threads no problem.


I’ve seen it happen several times, but they’re all what might be called trivial cases. Several times, Comments on Staff Reports has been so slow that there are only one or two threads on the front page. Whenever there is only one thread on the front page, it is the case that the same person has “last post” on every one of them.

An easier but artificial way of doing this would be for a peron to display threads from the last day only in Comments on Staff Reports and reply meaningfully to those. Of course, that person would be the only one to see the result.

Feh! too easy.



I cheated by editing a local copy of the forum index page, tee hee

Good show!

Mangetout, if you really wanted to make it convincing, you should have edited the colors of the forum links, too. Mighty impressive to get the last post in ATMB, both Comments, GD, CS, IMHO, and MPSIMS without even visiting those fora.

Ahhh, welll, errrr… there’s a reason for that; if you go into GQ, then use the quick forum jump boxes, you can hop all over the board; when you return to the home page, only the GQ link will show as having been visited. that’s what it was guv, honest.