Has anyone ever seen a photo of Sandusky, the alleged child-rapist?

I’ve never seen an image of him. Surely he must have been perp-walked, at least. But no images? PennState football descriptions?

Just do a Google Image search.

Done and done.

He looks like George Kennedy.

Yes, sure. Google image search brings up hundreds of images.

A picture of Sandusky is on the cover of his unfortunately-titled memoir.

Sorry guys. I image-googled him before I posted (per GQ common practice) and came up empty.

Obviously I spelled something badly wrong.


Wow, that is almost unbelievable!!

Here’s an ordinarily normal photo that takes on a particularly disturbing dimension once you know the backstory. Rumor has it that the kid is one of the victims.

It’s interesting (and amusing) how that review page on Amazon now reflects this incident with Sandusky. The book’s average rating is like one and a half stars - most of the ratings from the past few days!

You’d also like the name of this preschool.

Have you read them? They’re hysterical. (Not as good as the ones for the Three Wolf Moon shirt, but pretty funny)