Has anyone had their teeth bleached?

I’m having this done starting on the 25th (it takes about three weeks, wearing the teeth-bleachy thingie three hours a night). I’ve been doing some TV and hope to be doing more, and I was horrified at how beige my teeth look on-camera. I mean, pink or gray you can accessorize–but NOTHING goes with beige!

So I am forking out a huge whacking gob of cash to have this done (v. reputable dentist, by the way). They’ll take impressions of my teth (oooh, I HATE that, I remember it from when I had braces!), then give me (“give!” ha!) molds that I put bleach in to wear each night. Has anyone else had this done, and can you tell me how effective it was, and what unpleasantness I may expect?

My sister in law is considering this. She heard a good tip from a friend. Instead of forking out the cash for the molds, just go to a sporting goods store, but one of the moldable mouth guards that football or basketball players wear, and use those for the self-bleaching part. That ought to save you a few dollars.

I have not had the proceedure done but my mother is getting ready to, and my sister works for a dentist. My girlfriend had hers done several years ago and they are still very white! She gets comments on them all the time. (But she also tans year round and you remember the old Coppertone commercials don’t you…get tan have white teeth!) My sister was telling me just yesterday that the “bleach” is very strong and can irritate the gums, especially if your gums are sensitive. I do believe too that I have seen something on this that it may cause damage to the enamel. Although I’m not sure about this.


I want to get it done. it will cost me $400.00 to do it with the little mouthpieces, $1000.00 to do it laser. I know you have to stay away from coffee, cola and wine (no more than two cups a day apparently cause it will stain 'em again). Some people have reported serious sensitivity after but I don’t care, I want pearly white, especially for my wedding pics (in two years or so). Smokers are not good candidates either (duh). :smiley: Self-bleaching can cause some serious bad side effects (eating away part of your gums) but it all depends on what kind of teeth you have to start with.

I had mine done about three years ago. I had great results with mine and luckily my best friend works for my dentist office so I was able to get a good deal on everything.

The only problem I had with the bleaching is that it made my teeth extremely sensitive to both hot and cold drinks and food. But it was definately worth it.

My teeth still look great!

I had my teeth bleached a few months ago, with impressive results and no noticable side effects. But the dentist said my results were among the best he’s seen before.

Shrug. I’m glad I got it done. I had really bad intrinsic staining from taking tetracycline when my teeth were growing out.

I bought a cheap bleaching kit from walmart ($4.00) and LOVE it! It works really really well. I would never spend a ton of money to have it professionally done. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how white my teeth are and people always ask me if I get them bleached. I drink pop and tea as well…but the whitening stuff never fails… :o) Here are some pics… see for yourself @ http://members.aol.com/jjjfishe/index.html

Thanks, all–I’ll post a “journal” when I get it done, so anyone considering it can read the horror or the glory.

Xexul, my teeth are beige for the same reason yours were–jeez, the stuff they gave us when we were kids!

My dentist said to avoid the laser treatment, that it’s not as effective and can be dangerous if not done properly. Mull, I don’t think my dentist will sell me the bleaching treatment if I don’t get the molds from him . . . He’s a great dentist, but he IS in this to make a living. I also have to have the bonding knocked off my front teeth first, which I’m MOST nervous about (they use a jackhammer and–I hope–a lot of valium!).

He did warn me the treatment may make my teeth and gums sensitive (more so than now!), but said that wears off after you stop the bleaching treatment. Hmmm, after reading you guys’ comments, I’m happier about going ahead with this; no horror stories so far!

and I’ve probably had it, Eve. Really!

If you ever want to talk about teeth, I am just about a professional dental patient. Unfortunatly.

Bleaching does make your teeth a little sensitive to the hot and cold. The reason for the extra $$ at the dentist for the molded forms is so the bleach will get into the nooks and crevases in your personal teeth, vs a generic mouth shape.

The bleach makes my gums sore (white and irritated) after a week or so of solid 2x a day use. Discontinue for a day or so, and all healed. Results are great.

If you want that supermodel look Eve, as you do TV appearances, look for something called Laser Polishing. It’s done in a dental office (of course) but the results look stunning.

Or you could do it the hard way like me
(I’m 31) and have all your teeth replaced or capped. It’s a damned expensive smile, but it sure is pretty. Or it will be when I’m done.

My girlfriend just had that done. It’s funny though, because she has two false teeth bonded to her real teeth because they never grew in when she was a kid, and the rest of her teeth are bright white, but the falsies are still dark (she’s getting them replaced soon). I know that it’s really expensive, and somewhat uncomfortable if not painful, but her teeth are really beautiful. The most expensive part of the procedure is the mouthpiece they mold for you. I suggest going to a sporting goods store, buying a plastic mouthpiece that football players wear, and just buying the bleach. These football mouthpieces are submerged in boiling water, and then bit down on to make a perfect mold of your teeth. I’m serious. Or you could just listen to your dentist because he/she might know better than me.

jjjfishe, which one did you buy?

Also, I always look at them & see what they contain. Should be a common item in them that does the work. But I have wondered if Clorox with a little water would bleach on a qtip would work. Im tempted to try but I don’t want to be the first one :slight_smile:

I asked my dentist if I couldn’t just get some Liquid Paper or White-Out from the office supply store . . .

I’ve used this method, a few years ago, but my teeth darkened a little within 2 months when I took up cofee again:
** http://www.dentistryonline.com/cons/pated2/01_homble1.html**

I do hear that the Laser Whitening is better. I saw it on the local news Extra segment. It’s done in one sitting! They just use the laser in an unfocused way to heat the oxygen-bleach (peroxide?) gel they normally use.

** http://www.drnix.com/html/laser_whitening.html **

(There are others listed by AskJeeves.com, using “laser whitening” as the search question.)

I want to try it, but hate to pay again, if my teeth are still vulnerable to coffee stains.

My dentist warned me against the laser whitening—he said it’s not as effective and can be dangerous if not done properly. So I think I’ll stay with the bleach.

The tooth mold is a lot easier than for braces, quicker. They don’t have to be nearly as careful to remove bubbles, etc., when it’s just for the cup/tray.

The main unpleasantness in the process is the feeling of the tray when you talk, which lingers after you remove the cup/tray.

That, and the stinging around the corners of your mouth. If you live in a cold climate, don’t ever do it during chapped-lips season!

You’re aware, Eve, that while you’re making up your mind whether to do it, the dentist says “it takes about three weeks, wearing the teeth-bleachy thingie three hours a night.”

Once you’re committed, however, maybe three or four days into the procedure, out comes the diving helmet brimming with Clorox and you’ll have to wear it 24 hours a day for the next eight months.

Damn . . . That means I have to take the Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference OUT of my night-time diving helmet and fill it with bleach?

I use the almighty Dr. Georges Dental White. My opinion…I’d stay away from the Clorox. :o)

The bleaching isn’t so bad. But watch out for the spin cycle…

I’ve got a couple of cheaper, easier solutions for you.

[li]Practice a close-lipped smile. Do you really want to look like those gawking, giggling airheads that I see on local nightly newscasts? Why even smile at all? I never see Andy Rooney smile, and he gets along just fine.[/li][li]In many bubble-gum type machines, you can buy “Billy Bob” teeth for under a dollar. You get the humorous effect, an instantly recognizable look, and you can take them out and put them back in at will. Additionally, you will be doing your bit to fight discrimination. People will see the teeth, hear your marvelously witty and brilliant comments, and learn not to associate poor dental hygiene with a lack of education or intelligence.[/li][/ul]