Have you tried a dentist's method for tooth whitening?

Some people I know did the trays (sort of like a custom boxer’s mouth guard that you wear at night with peroxide gel).

Not impressed, and results seemed doomed if they smoked or drank coffee (swearing off either never lasted long).

One had the laser-heated peroxide gel, done in the dental chair. Looks great for $500 but no long term answers yet.

I did the dentist deal and was pleased. I still have goop left over and can do touch ups if I want. [url="http://www.discusdental.com/consumer/whitening.html"This is the goop. Except is was Excel 2, mint flavor was the only choice I guess Excel 3 has flavours I’m guess is the difference.

I don’t smoke but drink plenty of coffee. Like I said I have goop leftover and have done a 3 day touch up once so far. I got the goop originally 15 months or so ago. The goop won’t keep forever though. $300 CDN but I’ve seen it for less recently.

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I’ve used the trays with the whitening stuff for many years. I have very white teeth - it hurts a bit if you have sensitive teeth, though. My dentist doesn’t charge me for refills of the whitener - I believe it goes for around $40 for a 3-month supply.
FYI, some people can’t stand the trays - you should try one out first at night before you spend the big $$.

Free refills? I hadn’t even thought about asking for refills DUH ! I doubt they’d be free for me but I’m sure it’s the trays that are the bulk of expense. I’ll have to ask.

I tried the $50 home kit with a tray and gel and was really disappointed. Tried all the $8 toothpaste brands too.
I think it’s the same ingredient, but like 3% instead of 5-6% peroxide.
I actually tried swabbing one tooth with Clorox and keeping my mouth open 5 minutes then rinsing (not smart at all!) but nothing happened.