Has anyone noticed this?

Guanolad = Shitboy

Or is it the other way around…?

Yer pal,


Didn’t notice it, but I sure am getting a kick out of it!

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

I noticed it. I didn’t want to say anything so i wouldn’t be rude. I think its funny. Hmm does Guanolad really have that low of an opinion of himself? :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s not a low opinion.
Maybe it’s his fetish. ;).

My ears are burning. What the hey?

Okay, you want to know the story? Well it starts with this:


I am an artist (of sorts), and about four or five years ago I was asked to contribute a weekly comic strip to a student newspaper. All the others did this esoteric unfunny weirdo stuff, and I fell back on a tried and true formula - the SuperHero parody.

I called it PigeonMan, it ran for 26 episodes, and it was actually quite popular. I even got asked to tone it down because they considered it offensive, and for a student newspaper that’s saying something.

Anyhoo, PigeonMan was the kind of guy who thought all Superheroing was posing against the moonlight and following the standard rules. His sidekick and all round dogsbody, one GuanoLad, seemed to think Superheroing should be solving crimes and defeating bad guys using the latest technology.

It was a giggle, anyways.

The above strip shows my thinking - i.e. originally he was gonna be called ShitBoy, but instead I decided to call him GuanoLad cos it sounded better.

I use it as my Username because I’m the only person in the world who would.


And that’s the story of GuanoLad… tune in next week when you’ll hear the Commissioner say: “And another thing, PigeonMan - your car smells like bird crap. I’m moving your parking space to the back of the building.”

All fine and good, but I’ll bet kellibelli and also the poster who showed up once named Shit Boy might have something to say about all of this!

Well I had no idea. I’ve been GuanoLad for three years on the net now. It’s just an almost-coincidence.

Well I had no idea. I’ve been GuanoLad for three years on the net now. It’s just an almost-coincidence.