Has anyone seen Morgenstern?

Last activity was 08/08/17.

Since this is about a poster rather than this message board let’s move this to MPSIMS.

Maybe he’s with Gildencrantz.


I haven’t.

Hasn’t been active at the Giraffe Boards since 8/4.

On vacation?
In jail?
Pushing up daisies?

Golly, when one of us takes a month off*, no one starts a thread for us…

*I got so much done that August that I had to get back on the Dope before I lost all my privacy and became “That Kitchen Countertop Cold Fusion Guy”…

I PM’d him a few weeks ago, and never received a response.

I hope he’s having a nice vacation, and that he is doing well.

Nah, more likely he’s just off writing an epic novel. I hope he gets a good editor, though, to cut out everything but the good parts.

Hmmm…perhaps he has abandoned the United States and moved to the newly created independent country of California?

(for those of you who don’t get the reference:
He seemed pretty excited about the idea when he started this 30-page thread:
I joined, and pledged support to Yes California today.

Maybe he is at mandatory sensitivity training?