Has anyone successfully used reverse psychology

in real life? Has the rabbit season/duck season worked successfully outside of a cartoon?

My golf buddies use it in me all the time. They know the best way to get me to try a stupid shot is to tell me how stupid it would be to try it.

“Listen, Sevenwood, there’s no way you can clear that hazard. Just take the safe approach and hit a wedge short of it and then another over it.”

Here you go.

youtube video

It’s in Spanish with English subtitles.

Every day.

As a character on the excellent ‘Big Bang Theory’ once said “If you want a man to do something, tell him not to.” :slight_smile:

It’s worked for me personally. I once substitute taught at a high school. One student mentioned that he was being recruited by my alma mater to play a certain sport. I’m not going to reveal the details, except to say that I did not want him at my alma mater. (Ideally, he wouldn’t have gone to anyone’s alma mater.)

So I told him, “Oh, I went there! It’s a great place! Your grades are going to go way up, because there’s really not a lot to do except study.” (I didn’t mention the drunken frat parties.)

His face fell. “Oh…that’s…great.”

I jumped the curb or something at the local shopping mall. I knew my sister wouldn’t be able to keep such a juicy tidbit from our mother, so I immediately wailed, “Wait’ll Mom finds out; she won’t let me drive the car and THEN WE’LL NEVER GET TO COME SHOPPING AGAIN!”

“…Mom doesn’t have to know…” sister smiles conspiratorially.

I let her think keeping it secret was all her idea.

My father’s version worked well. As we kids were heading toward the creek he would say “If one of you comes home wet the other one gets a lickin.’”

Yes. Or maybe No.

Constantly, on the little Torqueling.

“Daddy, can I be finished?”

“I guess so, there’s no way you could eat all that, you’re way too little.”

“Nuh uh!” (finishes supper)

If you’re a parent of small children you use it every day. Unfortunately I think my 7 year old is getting wise to it.

My brother and I use it on my mother all the time. He being the Golden Child and me being the Anti-Christ, all we need to do to stop her plan to do “x” is let her find out through a third party that I think its a good idea. That alone will quash anything.

No, and you shouldn’t either.

To small child: No, you can’t have these vegetables. These are only for grownups. First day response: Oh, please, please, please, let me have some!! Oh, all right.

Second day response. Okay.