Has the rise of Modern Dentistry caused a decline in the Vampire population?

[li]Dentists implant fillings in teeth to halt decay & restore function.[/li][li]Fillings are made of Silver.[/li][li]Hi Opal! Do you have all your own teeth?[/li][li]Dental fillings are more common than they were 100 years ago, when Dentists just pulled teeth.[/li][li]Silver burns/destroys Vampires.[/li][li]People only become Vampires after being buried for 3 days, then rising.[/li][/list]

Question–do Vampires with silver fillings wake up in their coffins with the equivalent of Thermite Grenades going off in their mouths?

Has this led to a general decline in the Vampire population?
Has this led to a general decline in the Werewolf population?

Or, are they just gumming their victims to death?

My last fillings were not made of silver. I’m pretty sure they don’t do that anymore.
It’s a Vampire Conspiracy! :dubious:

What I wanna know is, what happens when a vampire sucks the blood of someone who is HIV+?

Can the undead catch The AIDS?

A little Googling for vampires and silver has turned up multiple cites that it’s the purity of silver which makes it effective against vampires. The phrase silver fillings, though, refers to the color of the filling, not the metal from which it’s made.

Based on this information, it seems that the undead have nothing to fear from their dentistry.

Yet, Mercury, called “quicksilver” has long been alleged to have Occult properties, especially in Alchemy. It can’t utterly lack an effect.

It’s threads and especially sentences like this that keep me coming back to this place.

There was an excellent story in Realms of Fantasy a few years back about an HIV-positive vampire. When I get home I’ll hunt it up for you, if I can.

That depends on whether vampire body chemistry will support the virus, and especially whether vampires’ immune systems are the same as humans’. I found an extensive article here.

I disagree. I haven’t been able to turn up any cites concerning the effectiveness of mercury/quicksilver on vampires. In fact, it seems to have completely different properties. From Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Of Occult Philosophy:

After all, onions are closely related to garlic, but that doesn’t make them effective against vampires.

Silver has never, to my knowledge, had any effect against the undead except in B-movies. I suggest that you are the victim of poor research- next time you try and stop a vampire with a silver bullet, I think you will realise the folly of gaining the majority of your occult knowledge from Hollywood. Nowhere I can think of in either original folklore or the “retellings” of folks like Bram Stoker does it mention a vampire’s aversion to silver.

Indeed, if we return to first principles, we would realise that the various weaknesses of the undead are mostly attributable to the fact that they (and those that they kill or force to drink their blood, transmuting them into foul nosferatu) have sold their souls to some dark power (normally assumed to be the devil) in exchange for immortality and great control over the powers of darkness. I will grant you that silver has a reputation for purity that may well be the cause of your mistaken belief, but in any case, as has been pointed out, the silver in dental filings is far from pure.

Many metals have occult properties without being of any effect against a specific creature- sulphur, for example, has long been associated with demons, and cold iron is reputed to be highly effective against fey of all varities, but neither have any noted efficacy against vampires that I am aware of.

While obviously silver filings would greatly irritate the world’s lycanthrope population, I would imagine that two factors counteract this:

  1. Werewolves possess a noted healing ability- indeed, this is the very reason that silver (or fire) is so essential when facing them, so that one has a weapon that can overcome this “healing factor”. We can, I think, assume that any creature capable of stopping a lead slug at 3 ft. with no noted long-term damage should be able to resist plaque or tooth decay with similar ease. Indeed, werewolves possess two further advantages: the frequent changes between animal and human form may necessitate periodic shedding and regrowing of teeth, similar to that experienced by sharks, which would obviously eliminate the need for dentistry; secondly, the diet of most werewolves is low in sugars and the foul taste of rotting meat encourages them to brush frequently. We should assume that the majority of the homo lupis population of the US have excellent dental hygiene.
  2. Any dentist silly enough to try and implant silver-based fillings in a werewolf will lose his arm at the elbow.

Also, if we consider that the majority of vampires are interred before rising to suck the blood of the living, it stands to reason that they must possess extremely effective immune systems- after all, the bacteria in soil are highly unpleasent should they nest in human tissue, and one would assume that the various anaerobic microbes that consume decaying flesh would reduce most vampires to dust and bones within a few years- unless they were kept at bay by a series of natural defences superior to those found in humans.

Vampires might, however, be extremely dangerous carriers of the virus, taking it from victim to victim on their fangs much as a mosquito carries malaria. The prevalence of HIV in Africa may be a sign not only of a worrying lack of safe sex, but of a hideously dangerous explosion in that continent’s vampire population (previously thought low-to-nonexistant)!

Thank you, I’m flattered. :slight_smile:

Well dentists removed all my canine teeth when I was young to make room for my fairly large gnashers. Does that make me immune to vampiracy? I also have superdentition (more than the usual number of teeth) is this my vampirism trying to assert itself, I wonder.

“No, Rosenberg, that is for verevolves…”

I would suspect latent lycanthropy (werewolvism) more than vampirism, meself. Try a test: do you yearn to creep up to nubile young women in the dead of night while they lie asleep in skimpy nightgowns against the sultry heat, and rain burning kisses upon their neck and breasts- or would you rather rip them to shreds?

George Hamilton as Dracula: No, no. Silver bullets are for werewolves!

Richard Benjamin as Van Helsing: Are you sure?

              ---**Love at First Bite**

Well, it’s seen in lots of books; Anita Blake uses it all the time. Plus, the legends might be wrong; I remember in the novel Vampire$ where the protagonists killed a vampire with silver, and the priest who was advising them was shocked it worked. Quoted from memory :
Priest : “Silver ?! Silver’s only supposed to work on werewolves !”
Character : “Uhhhh. . . .are werewolves real too ?!”
Priest : “Sorry, you don’t need to know that.”

Good point. But as someone pointed out in the adjacent vampire thread (only on the Dope), there may well be lots of different vampire species, with silver being effective against only a few of them. I would guess that “old style” Hungarian vampires (who are not affected by silver) would be more common that modern-style silver-affected ones, given that they have had longer to spread.

Plus, silver would do jack-squat against the fashionable “vampirism as a disease” vampires.

Actually, this could be a thread in and of itself- catalogue the different species of vampires, and try to determine a threat that works against all of them.

I would kind of imagine that vampires would have taken over at least some of the dentistry industry. Thinking of the future and all that.

Besides, a modern, cosmopolitan vampire would probably file down the teeth along with the belly tuck and boob job. There are plenty of other ways to draw blood from a victim.

Werewolves, on the other hand… Savage dirty creatures. Probably wouldn’t know a dentist if one came up and bit him.

I had a friend in college who got his dentist brother to give him vampire teeth around Halloween. Actual bonded real long canines. Classic!

And Opal’s missing some teeth. It’s her children’s fault :wink: