Has The SDMB made you lazy?

Unfortunately for me the answer is yes. I seem to rarely go out of my way to answer the questions of others, and even rarer, my own. I just think, “Oh, I’ll ask the SDMB!” rather then trying to answer it myself.

I am ashamed. :frowning:

Well, is this the same for you folks?

Not for me. Expecially when I might get hit with the dreaded “Cite?”

I really don’t feel like responding to this thread.

Hell yeah. I could list the ways, but I don’t feel like doing it.

I was born lazy.

If I were any lazier, I’d fall into a coma.
But I have noticed that I’ve let my writing and housework slip a bit since discovering this addictive place.


Not me. I’m scared that I’ll get hit with the dreaded “A simple Google search yielded XX sites that answer your question.”

So I do a simple Google search and then ask. :slight_smile:

Yes! It’s made me lazy, given me eye strain, neck strain, and made my mouse finger sore.

Class action Suit?

I still don’t feel like responding to this thread.

Hell no! I’ve increased my reading, researching and fact-finding missions a hundredfold since I’ve found this place. Reading GQ and GD has lead me to find answers to questions I never even knew I had.

As for the housework, I was a lazy slob loooong before I found this board.

Lazy? You mean, like, there are people who aren’t?

No. Actually I was lazy going in.

No, but it damn sure has deprived me of sleep.

If it weren’t the SDMB, I would have wasted all my free time in another way.

I’m sitting here in my new apartment, about half my stuff is still in boxes, none of my clothes are put away, we have no food (I skipped breakfast), and I haven’t showered yet, or talked to the super about which parking space is mine. BUT, I’ve been reading the boards for a couple of hours now. Lazy? No! :smiley:

The internet in general has made me a little lazier, and I think I’m getting dumber, too. I’ve noticed that if I have a question, it’s usually not too hard to find the answer, either in GQ, or doing my own google search. But it’s so specific. I realized that pre-internet, I used to actually read an entire book to find out one answer, and naturally pick up a lot of other information along the way.

Just the opposite for me. I find my self almost knowing the answers to a lot of posts, then I’m off to Google-land to try and edumacate myself on the subject at hand.

Yes, I am lazy. No, it is not the SDMB’s fault, but it’s sure an enabler! In fact, I have already resolved that, when we move in three weeks, one of the first things that’s happening is that the computer is being dismantled. And, one of the last things that’s happening is that the computer is being reassembled. Which means I won’t have e-mail for about ten days, but so be it.

(One of the penultimate things that’s happening is that I’m unpacking my books. I know myself too well.)