Have Spacesuit, Will Travel...

I would like to build a full sized, wearable replica of an Apollo moonsuit. Of course, it doesn’t have to be vacuum rated, just good enough to fool the eye. Are there any dopers who have tried such a thing? Construction tips? Links? Thanks.

You can buy one here.

Great site, and I may use it for accessories, but as a hobby, I’d rather build the suit myself.

Go for it. There’s great satisfaction to be had from doing it yourself. :slight_smile:

While I don’t think that these sites will have exactly what you need, they do have some links on them that might be of use to you:



You might also try talking to these folks:



You could also talk to the folks at Goodyear, since they’re the ones that built 'em to begin with.

I believe NASA even published a book on the space suits, which was filled with photos and drawings.

But if you hear any radio calls from “Peewee to Junebug” while wearing it … don’t answer!! :smiley:

That was my immediate thought, Polycarp, on reading the OP. But I sure would like to meet the Mother Thing…without even having to sell all that soap.

Thank you, Polycarp.