Have there been any fictional atheist POTUSes?

Often in fiction, whenever the President of the United States enters the scene as a bit player, it’s a black man or a woman just to emphasize how different the fictional world is from the current one. This is especially prevalent when the work is set 20 minutes into the future like a disaster movie.

However, polls have that atheists are the most unelectable minority in the US. Has there been any work of fiction that casts an explicitly atheist president? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Kevin Pollak played a President who explains that he’s an atheist in DETERRENCE, though it’s hard to tell whether he’s making a serious point or just being kind of a dick.

I can’t find anything from this list of fictional atheists and agnostics.

Frank Underwood becomes POTUS in Season 3 of House of Cards. I never realized he was in series canon as being an atheist or agnostic though.

Not only is she an atheist but also bright yellow, and a little girl - all three of the least electable categories in US politics.

Lisa Simpson - Bart to the Future episode

Robert Sawyer’s “Triggers” features an atheist President, but he wasn’t openly atheist.

I think he’s vaguely agnostic, but to the public he appears to be a religious man.

Last time I checked, the POTUS in the current world was a black man.

The Ides of March featured an atheist George Clooney running for president (in fact, the movie opened with him at the podium during a speech or debate or something admitting it). My wife and I both fell asleep in the theater, so we have no idea if he was ever elected or not.

Does it count if the candidate believes he is God?

There’s been any number of actual Presidents whose religiosity was probably a front. You’ll find plenty of people in any church who don’t actually buy the stuff they’re selling, but they attend anyway for the social benefits.