Have we done a pet pic thread lately?

6 weeks ago or so I got this girl. Her name is KC, but I call her fuzzy butt enough that she will answer to that.

She is an australian cattle dog, also known as a blue heeler. The woman who was giving her up was going through a divorce and could not take her to the new apartment. She is 3.

She is the sweetest thing and very well trained. Although she is crate trained I don’t usually crate her, but even so the food on the coffee table is *always *still there when I get home. She does not beg for human food and at Thanksgiving mom was astounded that she didn’t even enter the dining room while we were eating.

She does almost everything she is told, almost instantly. But she *will *take her time laying down if she is told to go lay down. She’ll do it, but she is slow to do so.

I also am having trouble breaking her of the licking habit. She loves to lick people, especially me. She is getting better, but if I am cuddling with her she will start to get a little antsy. You see her tongue start coming out a little, then more, then she has to start licking.

She is a chubby little thing, but we now run together and hopefully she will lose some weight. (If only I could get he to poop *before *we start running. It really breaks my stride if I have to stop and clean up after her in the middle of a run.) She is 40 lbs right now.

They say that ACDs are one-person dogs and this is true with her - she is definitely my dog. She rarely lets me out of her sight and when my sister tried to walk her she went for about the length of the yard, realized I wasn’t there and dug her heals in. I work from home and when my co-worker from the UK comes in he works here too. He tries to get her to go play ball - one of her very favorite things - but when she sees I’m not coming, she’ll go stand by the door looking forlorn.

Although I am glad she is well trained, I worry a little that she might have been abused. She is afraid of the oddest things. She cowers away from the brush. She’ll let me brush her if I insist, but she puts her ears down and looks all miserable. She also does not like to play chase. She’ll run from me, but she isn’t having fun like other dogs do, she seems genuinely afraid. She also hates to have a pic taken and I have to wrestle with her a little to get her to sit still for one. (You can tell in the link that she was not thrilled.)

OTOH, she is not afraid of most other things. She’ll ignore the roomba until it is pushing against her. She’ll lay at my feet and I have to move the chair carefully because she won’t even flinch until it is right on top of her.

She almost never barks. One or two barks when someone comes to the door and she is done. However, a few weeks ago I got a little excited on the phone and raised my voice and so she growled and barked some too. She didn’t know what I was upset about, but she had my back.

I know dopers love to share their pet pics - so show us your dogs and cats and birds and what have you.

I worked with a guy who brought his blue heeler to work one day and you might be right about them being attached to their people. The dog followed him around all day long, nose to heel, like he was tracking.

Here’s a photo of Sadie. It was taken a few months ago and she’s quite a bit bigger now. She’s a retriever mix.

My husband thinks she looks like a junkyard dog. No matter how often we brush her (she likes the brush but she insists on a belly rub first) she ends up looking like she has a whole body case of bedhead.

She’s housetrained and will sit on command, but we’re not having much luck with other training (come and stay). It’s our fault – she’s just so much fun, we spend most of the time either cuddling with her or playing fetch.

This is my Cap’n. He’s a good boy and loves people. He’s smart enough to back off on people who don’t care much for dogs, but will lavish his love on those who do.

He’s a barker when someone comes to the door and will bark his fool head off at the squirrels and crows in our backyard. He’ll shut-up when I tell him too, though.

He’s about nine years old now, but still acts like there’s tons of puppy left in him.

He always makes my day.


I’ll do some less flattering pictures, this time:


Taters, your Cap’n looks a lot like our Boomer, who’s been gone for a year. Boomer even had the white patch on his chest – the hair there was softer than his black hair.

What breed is Cap’n? We got Boomer as a stray when he was about a year old, and we figured he had some Lab in him but we had no clue where the white patch came from – it had a few black spots, like a Dalmatian. He was an excellent dog, good natured and well behaved and lots of fun, and we always wondered how he became a stray.

Aw, your Boomer does look a lot like our Cap’n. He looks like such a nice dog.

We adopted our guy when he was about a year old from a co-worker of my husband’s. The poor guy was crated all the time and lived in an apartment.

At the time, we had a ginormous yard. It was obvious our guy wasn’t always treated well, but he settled right down to loving us and being a good boy.

According to the vet, our Cap’n is a lab mix with a little springer spaniel thrown in (maybe). It would explain his hyperness.

You’d think his fur would be more coarse like a full lab, but it’s incredibly soft and has a beautiful sheen to it. The vet always asks what we feed him and I feel guilty when I tell the vet it’s just some Costco brand nutra nuggets or more recently, some purina brand from the grocery store. The vet is always amazed at how healthy his coat is.

He does shed a lot, though. Black fur and light carpeting don’t make a good mix.:slight_smile:

One of our neighbors doesn’t like dogs at all, but he liked Boomer. The guy would be out on his deck and we’d be in the yard with Boomer, and Boomer would go over to say hello. He’d just sit next to Bob and Bob would pet him and it never failed that Bob would comment on the softness of Boomer’s coat.

And the shedding – one time when we were at the vet, Boomer was standing up on the exam table and suddenly there was a ring of short black hair all around him on the table. Vet said it was a “stress” shed, very common.

Sadie doesn’t shed at all. There’s hardly ever any hair in the brush. Amazing, how breeds of dogs can have such different characteristics. Boomer never fetched, just wasn’t interested, and he didn’t like water – Sadie loves nothing better.

I took this picture this morning, of Marli investigating the snow. She’s half Corgi and half Chihuahua.

I have a brown feist, Hannah, too but she was still snuggled up in the dog house when I snapped that. She loves to get bury herself in the hay this time of year.

I don’t have any doggies but here’s a picture of my sister’s girl. She’s a goofy marshmallow.

Yay! A dog picture thread. Here’s Tough, saying "the cat did it." Too bad we don’t have a cat …

Here’s my girl Bailey (on the right) and my parents’ dog Buddy.

I adopted Bailey a little over a year ago from a nearby city’s Animal Control, and they estimated her to be about two years old then. She’s a real sweetheart, very soft and fluffy, loves tummy rubs, and sheds like crazy.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellabrigido/4161467342/ WonTon patiently waiting for Santa, or at least for us not to watch so he could attack the tree.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellabrigido/4161437154/ Baby wearing two sweaters. Little Buddy’s in that shot too. Baby came to live with us just recently but she has already won everyone over.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellabrigido/3708768104/ The elusive Miso. I think I’ve shown this one before. She’s so shy it’s hard to catch her on film.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellabrigido/3951211481/ A better shot of Buddy.

My new girl Jasmine- Spazzy Jazzy, or Yasssmeeena. This is a pre-adoption picture when she was still at the rescue. Possibly lots of APBT, or AmStaff, and we suspect one hell of a lot of begale. She has the begale bark, and standing next to a purebred the same markings in a lighter color. She’s my sweet, sweet baby girl, and friend to Yoshi.
Yoshi-boo, in his cutest puppy evah pose. He’s a bit bigger now but still cutest doggie evah. We’ve had him five years now and thought it was time he had a doggie friend. Plus, to be fully honest, we wanted another doggie.

Three cats, two dogs, one kid, and our friends think we are mad!

Also, it occurs to me that beagle is spelled beagle and not begale and wtf was I thinking? I need a lie down. :frowning:

Just looking at the size of the tongue, I’d say there’s a bit of hippopotamus in there as well.

Did Tough race? My mom used to have a “used” greyhound that looked just like yours, named Bunny. She was sweet and well-behaved, but no genius.

This is our spoiled Doberman, Lilith. We bought her a jacket the other day because the weather was so cold and rainy. She looks like an embarrassed little horse when she wears it.

I only have one cat picture for some reason and I’m tired of posting that old thing. If I ever get new ones, I’ll surely wedge them into a thread somehow.

Hee! It is the picture that made us want to meet her.

I’ve come to know it as the “I’m kinda bored, gonna go make trouble now” face. :slight_smile:

Here are two good pics of my corgi, Izzie. These pictures (Izzie’s on the right) were taken by a fellow corgi lover much more talented at photography than I am.

So many cute dog pictures in here!

Here’s the charming and lovely Not-Stella.

And here are the mighty huntresses trying to decide who owns the bed.

I just got some new pictures of my black-and-tan Shiba, Raven, in the snow. She’s encountered snow before, but not foot-deep snow. She LOVES it.

She’s normally more regal. Here’s a shot with her sis that I took for our breeder.