Have We Ever Had A Holiday Post From Cecil?

Have we?


Yeah! How about a “Happy Holidays” from our beloved Uncle Cecil?

That would be horribly out of character.

Yeah, someone log in as Cecil and post. :slight_smile:

Posting here just in case he does show up and give us holiday greetings. I have never shared a thread with the Perfect Master before. I think it ups our chances (and is a nice thing to do anyway) if we wish him season’s greetings first. Who wouldn’t respond to holiday cheer from his loyal followers? So…
Happy Holidays, Cecil! :slight_smile:

Cecil can’t post during this time of year. He is to busy checking this big list of his ya see…

Maybe he’s Buddhist. Do the Buddhists have holidays?

I suppose we could start covering all the holidays that pop up around this time of year, just to be on the safe side.

Merry Mithras! :smiley:

No. Cecil’s a Zen Baptist .
But a Holiday Greeting by The Perfect Master would be nice. ;j

Yes, it would. Anyone got odds on how likely it is. :slight_smile:

Blessed Yule! With Cecil as the Oak King.


Demanding, ungrateful worms! He’s already tapped his meager savings to upgrade the server hardware, and this isn’t enough? He has to use milk instead of half and half in his coffee now. You should be ashamed. So very, very ashamed.

astro, you brown noser. :wink:

That mailbag question was answered by Cafe Society’s own Eutychus, not Cecil Adams.

Great Jeggling JooJooBees, Dr. Lao, you’re right.


I missed the obvious.
My most humblest of apologies to the Perfect Master.


Apology accepted.


Apologies to you too, Euty. You’re alright in my book.

It would be nice to hear from the master, when was his last post?

Here ya go, Flowerchild

What makes the holidays merry? A greeting from our beloved Cecil, that’s what! :smiley: