Have you ever been a best man or maid of honor?

NOT just a groomsman or bridesmaid, ring bearer or flower girl, officiant, orator, or music performer at a wedding.

ONLY if you’ve been the #1 person on the groom or bride’s side.

Yes, but my wife and I were the only witnesses to the wedding (at the courthouse)
So, five total in attendance, including the judge, and the bride and groom. So, I had no responsibilities.

Best man twice. One marriage stood the test of time, the other didn’t.

Same here.

Once, for my brother’s wedding. He was my best man at mine, too. Coincidentally, they were months apart.

I was Best Man in three weddings.

Maid of honor when my two best friends got married, 18 years ago. Still going strong, I did good :wink:

Yes, brother.

Best man once, for my brother. The marriage lasted twenty five years, then ended a year or so ago. I comforted him with, “well, we all said you could do better.”
I’ll be performing my 6th wedding this summer.

vote 2 - 4 times - not big weddings at fancy venues

I was Maid of Honor for my sister, but she was married in our Grandparents’ backyard and the reception was at the VFW hall, mostly just family in attendance. This was 1980 and we wore off the rack Gunne Sax dresses.

I was Maid of Honor for my best friend for her first wedding, which didn’t last long. This wedding was in 1979 and she was pregnant. She said she married him because he didn’t drink or do drugs. Instead of a honeymoon a bunch of us went to dinner and then the movies and saw Kramer vs. Kramer.

What a choice for a wedding night!
Just did it once, for my brother. Very informal and small wedding, no tux.

Four times. Two are still going strong.

One of the success stories included a ceremony at a 500 year old church in Stockholm, followed by a reception at the Astrid Lindgren museum. Very surreal!

I was a Best Man three times in one year.

Never a Maid of Honor, though.




I think of it as a performance, but maybe that’s an inappropriate word.

twice for my brother. Neither one stuck.

Was a best man once. The marriage was not a good one and it did not last long. I was apparently so bad that when my friend got re-married about 3 years after the first one, I wasn’t even invited.

Best Man once. It was such a foregone disaster that all the groomsmen and bridesmaids had a pool as to how long it would last.

I won $200.

I was best man at my wife’s brother’s wedding. His brother didn’t want to do it (shy) so I was picked. It was small, just me and the maid of honor.

What was fun was the maid of honor was not able to attend the rehearsal, so she didn’t know anything about what she had to do during the ceremony. NO PROBLEM! Throughout the ceremony I kept quietly giving instructions - loud enough for her to hear, but quiet enough that the audience didn’t. “Turn and stand next to her…” “Take her bouquet…” “Help her with her skirt…” It worked out OK.

Been a groomsman a few times, never Best Man. My Wife was Matron of Honor for one of the brides at the second to last wedding we attended.