Have you ever been shot/stabbed?

I’ve never been stabbed or shot. I don’t think I would ever like to experience it, but I’m curious as to how it feels. So have any of you?

Where was it? Was it on purpose, or accident? How badly did it hurt? If you were shot, did you hear the blast and then feel the pain, or what? Tell me about your experiences.

Stabbed: older brother came home dusted. I was reading the newspaper & he thought it would be funny to shred the paper with a knife. the knife was lodged in my thigh. Physical Sensation: like being punched really hard in the same place.

Shot: younger brother took out the pellets and shot me with the wadding on a 12-gauge shotgun shell, in the neck. Damn lucky it missed my eye. Physical Sensation: Oddly, I felt the lingerining swelling of the impact inside my throat rather than on the outside neck muscles.

Being shot at and missed: a few times, mostly when taking shortcuts through people’s yards at night. Viewed in retrospect, they weren’t trying to hit me, but some times not making too strenuous an effort to miss. Physical Sensation: a lot more fun when travelling with a companion (who’d “get” the reference to the Curly Howard noises one would emit at such times). However, Winston Churchill was full of shit about it being exhilerating to be shot at and missed: actually, the exhileration is dampened with the nagging doubt that presently they’ll stop missing.

not sure if this really counts, but …

stabbed by accident in where my pinkie joins my hand. i was holding a pumpkin just before halloween, and my neighbor hit my hand with the knife instead of the pumpkin. don’t remember feeling the knife, but i do remember feeling the blood roll off the side of my hand.

and then rushing to the sink to clean up so her mother didn’t see what happened.

I’ve never been shot or stabbed, but I’d imagine it would feel “oooooowwww!” :wink:

A friend was shot in the leg my some huge ass bullet that apparently should have ripped his leg off (I’m not sure if bullet is the right word, but I know nothing about guns). He said he didn’t even realize he had been shot. He just felt his leg get all wet and hot, looked down, and realized he had been shot.

I sat on a sword (post RenFest party) 20-some years ago. Sliced more than stabbed, but it wasn’t a cutting sensation, more like being hit or bumping into something. I thought I might be slightly bruised until someone noticed all the blood . . .

And got shot in the butt with a rock-salt load the autumn before, and that felt a lot like a slap followed by intense stinging and general hysterics.

Quite an effective teaching tool, rock salt shotgun loads are. I never again went looking for the bear in the orchard.

no I’m not accident prone at all, why do you ask?

I was stabbed on purpose in the thigh once. It was sort of an ow owowow OMFG OW! burning sensation that gradually decreased over the next few weeks. It was like getting hit really hard, but more painful. Almost 2 decades later, I still have some twinges where the scar is. The stabber in question was like “what there isn’t even a hole in your pants!” until the blood started soaking through my pretty light blue slacks.

It hurts to be shot. Not so much the shooting itself, but the moving about after being shot and if it is on the trunk or stomach, the breathing. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Not a real gun, but I did get shot. In the eye. With a paintball. Man, that sucked.

Hurt very bad. Especially when the emergency room doctors (and about 4 nurses) held me down and sprayed water into the eye to get the paint out so they could see what was going on.

I do not recommend trying it.


I was stabbed in the thigh several years ago, and it was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt. I screamed really loud, and swore eternal vengeance on the stabber.

I’ve been shot at, but never shot. However, that’s another story. . .

Ah, so you were going as Edward II of England.



I have however shot/stabbed many.

I was stabbed between the index and middle finger with an old-style pencil in grade school. I still have the graphite coloration under the skin.

I’ve been shot at with a shotgun accidentally.

Actually, I was a kissing wench, but your comment inspired an entertaining brainvideo involving Ed2 as one of the great English Queens. :wink: Thanks!

That you?
Didn’t recognize you, what with the iron pot on your head, & all. :wink: :smiley:

Only if the sword were red hot. :eek:

Shot? No.

Sabbed? Does playing tag with a running chainsaw count? I was in my teens and it is dozens of little knives after all…

Physical sensation? At first I thought it had bounced off and only torn the leather of the glove I was wearing because there was no pain. (I had instinctivly clutched it with my other hand and didn’t want to let go.) Then I did let go and the PAIN hit me. I thought it felt like somone was using a potato peeler on the skin of my hand and then using a scrub brush to mix salt into the wound. … Then later at the hospital I realised the initial sensation was only a gentle approximation of what it could really feel like, when the doctor* started cleaning and stitching the wound without numbing the area first.

I now have a unique sympathy when watching movies about doctors doing surgery in the days before anesthetic. … and my ‘tag’ only took 9 stitches to close.

  • My father worked at the hospital and was so busy talking to the doc and the nurses (who he was friends with) that they never noticed they forgot to give me any novacaine until they were almost done.

Been hit by bird shot while pheasant hunting. Idiot fellow hunter not respecting his hunting area, shot at a bird that jumped up between us. Lucky I wasn’t closer – I was turned away, and the only damage was a couple of welts on the back of my neck.

More here…

My friend shot me in the foot (had a shoe on) with a pellet gun at 1-pump.
(We were young teens at the time).
It felt like he hit my toe with a hammer; man did I curse a lot. My friend felt horrible about it; he actually thought 1 pump wouldn’t have much velocity to it; he was very wrong.