Have you ever had contact with someone on the internet, who was pretending to be som

Or…Have you pretended be someone else?
You always hear about it, but has it ever happened to you? And if so, how did you find out?

When I first got online, I became email buddies with a retired woman. It was amazing the stuff we had in common. Then a couple of weeks went buy without contact. When she came back, she got kind of pushy about wanting to meet me. She lived several miles away, and when we first started talking, she told me she couldn’t go anywhere because she was caring for her brother who had “problems” and couldn’t be left alone. Her emails no longer contained gardening tips,and recipes. I ended the contact when she accidently signed an email “Bruce” :frowning:

oh man, that’s pretty scary! Good thing you broke contact.

I had a lot of e-mail buddys that I met online. I also met several of them (when I was single).
It was something fun to do, at that time, the forbidden thing to do. I didn’t make any long term friends though.
Many of the guys I met online were a lot less than they made themselves out to be. Boy, oh boy, from those experiences I learned you cannot trust pictures all the time.

One experience I can remember is a guy I met from STL, MO.
His picture was great. I even talked to him on the phone several times. He decided he would come to NJ after 2 months of talking.
He was a lot of fun, but he was definitely not what I expected.

Soon after he left, I got a phone call from his wife’s sister. Yeah, I know…She had checked his cell phone messages and heard my message asking him what time he would be arriving in NJ. He was suppose to be on a ski trip with his buddys that weekend.
Poor woman. The sister was real mean at first, asking me how I could try to take a man away from his wife and 2 children. I told her I had no idea. I told her all the lies that he had told me. She asked me to speak to her sister, his wife, so I did.
I apologized several time. I told her she had my word that I would never speak to him again. I felt so bad for her. All she was concerned about was working things out with him. Oh well. I am sure she could have done better.

Be careful, people are strange, and not always what they appear to be!!!

I have deliberately lied about my identity to deter unwanted “suitors.”

Often when I am on a chatline I get deluged with sad fukkas pm-ing me “a/s/l”

I find “49, male, Nigerian” does the trick pretty well. You usually never hear from them again.

Except for one guy who actually turned out to be from Africa, and got really into talking to me about my imaginary wives and children and grandchildren, and I ended up feeling guiltier and guiltier…

A long time ago I used to hang out in the lesbian rooms at yahoo chat. There was a very popular woman there who I got rather close to and we would speak for hours each day. One day she confessed her love and the fact she was a bloke twice the age of the girl he played. Could I get past that to make a life?

Luckily I had no romantic interest so I could find it funny, some folks were so incredibly mad at him though, I had always figured that truth was the first casuality in chatrooms.

Of course I’ve never done anything like that! That would be … I mean …

OK! YES! I admit it! I’m actually a cocker spaniel who lives under a porch in Hoboken, NJ!

Gad, it’s good to get that off my chest.

Sure both ways actually.

  1. got to talking to a young lady from Chicago. Just your basic IM chats of and on during the week. After 4 months of chatting I guess, We had become good friends,* she decides to inform me she is indeed the lady I got to know. But she had neglected to mention she had been born a man.
    She was all torn up thinking I would freak out, when truth is, I do not care one bit what kinda plumbing a friend has. We are still friends today and have one hell of a good friendship.

  2. A girl I know wanted me to log on with her screen name to make a point. The point being, The majority of men who IM women out of the blue are jerks.
    In the span of 30 minutes There were 8 different local men wanting to hook up for sex. I found it rather entertaining at the insanity of how some people act online.

  • I do not date women from online. Because I believe in Osip’s theory of internet women
    O’s T IW is: If you meet a woman in a chat room…
    Mentally stable

Pick two.

Now I did spend a weekend pretending to be a Soviet exchange student but that was in RL and a whole 'nother story.

Osip, I too have had experience #1 in your list. It all worked out well, and I was kind of suprised that the person was so worried about it. A friend is a friend, no matter how they were born.


And #2 on your list is exactly why I have my IM options set to not allow people not on my list to be able to see me online. Yeesh! The sheer amount of idiocy out there is staggering! :eek:

One time a few years ago, to make a point, I created an AOL screen name of “DmbBLonde” or something along those lines, with a profile to fit, and went into a few random (not sex-related) chat rooms.

Staggering doesn’t even come close.

That’s odd. For a long while I had my ICQ set up as female in a lame attempt at dodging porn spam. No-one every tried to hook up with me for sex :(.

My sister had someone very convincingly pretend to be the girl that acts Hermione last year. She was very put out when she found out the truth.

This did not happened to me and it’s a quite sad story. It didn’t happen on the internet but on the minitel, a french network, with the equivalent of chatrooms, etc…
In a little chatroom (most people were regulars, and there weren’t much of us…perhaps one hundred or so…) there was this guy who was an absolute jerk. Apart from being interested only in soccer, he was totally and vocally racist, insulted people , abused his priviledges in all possible ways (there was various commands which could be used and had various consequences on other users, allowing us to send private message or to “kidnapp” other users in another chatroom, and many could be easily abused). At first he was often chatting with a female friend of him (quite obnoxious too), who at some point dissapeared.
There was an unending litany of complaints about this guy. Many threads were opened about him on the chatroom’s message board, people complained to the moderators all the time…and nothing happened. The moderators and the admnistrator usually didn’t hesitate to remove priviledges from jerks or to ban them, but all the complaints about this guy were plainly ignored. So, the assumption, based on some hints, became that the jerk was a friend of the administrator. But it wasn’t exactly that. Since most of us were regulars, and met from time, the true story eventually surfaced.
I said that at the beginning the jerk was often chatting with a female user. The guy was quite young (like 20 or perhaps even younger) and his friend roughly the same age. They develloped an on-line love story and were chatting together for hours in a row. But they never met (we knew about the romantic involvment but believed they knew each other in real life).
At some point, the girl stopped coming online. And the site administrator told the truth to the guy : essentially everything the “girl” he has been romantically and virtually involved with had told him was false. In particular, she wasn’t at all around 20, but much older than him. And she had a cancer. She was stuck at home most of the time and apparently had found some comfort in this imaginary love-story with the young guy. And she didn’t come online anymore because her health has degraded and she was unlikely to leave the hospital again. And also, she was married. The administrator knew the whole story because the “girl” was…his wife! Apparently he didn’t mind her fooling around virtually, given her situation.
I couldn’t tell how the administrator felt about the whole story while it was happening, nor how the young guy reacted when he was told the truth, nor what kind of relationship both had afterwards. But according the moderators who knew him, it was the reason why he let him stay on the board despite his incredibly jerky behavior. Out of gratitude for having provided some comfort to his wife before her death. And, I suspect, perhaps also out of guilt…

That’s a very sad story, clairobscur. :frowning:

In chat rooms I tend to err on the side of being extremely honest.

For example, if someone asks me, “Are you hot?” (or more likely “r u ht?”), I tend to respond, “No. I am scrawny, pale, and have an enormous forehead. I also have somewhat flabby thighs and buttocks from sitting in front of a computer most of the day.”

This generally keeps the riff-raff from wasting too much of my time.

I’ve only lied in the usual A/S/L situations someone described above, but otherwise, I tell the truth. I’ve only met two people IRL that I initially knew online, and both were exactly as they said they were.

My husband was once IM’d by an 18-year-old blonde college girl who was also on the swim team. I laughed when he told me that.

A woman near here “met” some guy in Michigan on the 'net.
She sent him pictures of my friend’s (very attractive) wife and claimed it was her. She also gave him my friend’s address!

Things rocked on, and the guy wanted to come to visit. This stupid woman let him drive down here, and had the nerve to ask my friend’s wife if she would go along with the deception when he arrived.

Needless to say, my friend and his wife were not amused. There was quite a scene the Saturday morning the “Michigan Man” arrived.

I felt sorry for the guy, who had used some of his vacation time and spent travel money on a wild goose chase. I was over there when he showed up, and he wasn’t a bad sort.

I do think he was foolish not to realize that there are a lot of kooks out here in cyber-land.

I have been duped a few times-
Such as “No, my knuckles don’t drag on the ground” and “No, I am not married with many kids”.

One gent, quite nice actually, had this thing about (ahem) stroking the snake over webcam, then talking about how much he missed his wife who had recently left him.

Another sent me a pic, very handsome. He was obviously well versed in photoshop (no, hon, teeth are NOT optional, they are a requirement!)

I tend to be quite honest when chatting-I am NOT skinny, but not obese either. I am difficult, I know that. And, despite the fact that I like chatrooms, I am NOT desparate to get laid.

Not to my knowledge. But then, I don’t got into chat rooms and this is one of the few message boards that I frequent. All of the others are geek groups for the purpose of trading programming tips.

There was this jerk in a baseball chatroom I’m on who was annoyingly flirty with anyone who had a female name, and one day I logged on under a female name to goof on him if he hit on me. Sure enough,he immediately asked me to enter a "private chat"room. I explicitly refused to give him any personal information, saying that I wanted to talk baseball, but he persisted and persisted,even after I told him that I could be one of the regular posters playing a joke on him.

A few days later, I let him know about the practical joke I pulled, and he initiated the flamewar to end all flamewars, accusing me of "cyber"ing him, informing the whole board of how I tricked him, insisting I should be banned for life, that I was dangerous, probably psychotic, maybe even (!!) gay, etc.

2 years ago, a very close freind of mine suddenly disapeared… just poof didn’t live in the same house… didn’t work where they had been working… didn’t show up at anything they had been going to… in the span of a weekend…

did everything I could to find out if they were alright (or even alive!) after a while… figured there horrible ex boyfreind might know. since he always hated me… talked to him on my sister’s screen name…

sorta did the “I’m a dumb girl, her freind… I will flirt with you, tell me about your ex”

he didn’t really know where she was… and was just sorta makeing stuff up… NO help at all… just trying to have sex with me… lies that didn’t even make sense…

so… after getting frustrated I said yes… sent him to a mall across the whole state to get him to come meet me… so I would have sex with him (him thinking I’m a girl)

no I didn’t show up…

but he got to drive 6 hours to find that out…

So did you ever find out what happened to your friend, owlofcreamcheese? :frowning:

In the world of online RPGs, such as mushes & muxes, there is -a lot- of cyber sex going on between roleplay characters. Some times, real feelings develop from the roleplay and some folks have met with their previously imagined partner. However, there is also some deception going on in these RPGs. Back in the early days, there were not many females playing online, and many of the female characters were actually males IRL. That gradually changed as more girls/women got involved in the online rpgs–into 1994-95-96, I would say. I do know of several couples who met online in this way.

I created an alternate identity on ICQ some years back, just to see if I could get away with it. I “became” a 28-y/o divorcee. I never made any promises or arranged any meetings - I just talked to various and sundry men. A lot wanted dirty talk, but I think some were just lonely. I felt kinda bad about it, and I let that account lapse.

As far as being fooled myself, I suppose anyone who chats with me could be lying, but since I don’t make arrangements to meet people or anything like that, it’s nothing more to me than small talk with passing strangers. I don’t take it personally.