Have you ever listened to or watched The Wall high on marijuana?

For some reason, I got through 4 years of college as well as my adult life without this experience.

Will probably do it next weekend, it’s never too late!

I do remember a weird experience in college being drunk on Gin and listening to Wish You Were Here, my favorite Floyd album.

I watched and listened to The Wall in the Laser Dome at The Pacific Science Center in Seattle while high many years ago. LaserWall was an incredible experience, and to this day I wonder how much of the show was in their dome, and how much of it was in my dome. Here is a little taste:

I watched a documentary on marijuana the other day.
I think all documentaries should be viewed that way.

You ever looked at the back of a $20 bill… on weed?

To be clear, you’ve been high before, just never did The Wall while high, right?

I first heard The Wall on a double hit of pretty nice LSD. This was early December of 1979 so it was brand-new and I hadn’t heard any tracks yet.

Trick question, amiright? How old are you?

Me too. How else would you first listen to a new Floyd album? Same with the movie.

Yes. It doesn’t enhance the experience though. Pot works much better with comedic shows in my opinion.

Mj never had that much of an effect on me to make much difference. :frowning: It was OK socially, but it was always mild, occasionally caused sleepiness, other strain could cause some focusing, most of the time I had to pay attention to any high to even note that it was there. It’s a point of jealousy that others have enjoyed such a profound effect.

Yes; I have.

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When I was a teenager (hopefully there’s a statute of limitations for admitting illegal behavior, because we’re talking 40ish years ago) I don’t think I ever listened to or watched The Wall NOT high on marijuana.

Next, allow me to recommend Dark Side of the Moon with the Wizard of Oz and acid. I believe you press play after the 2nd lion roar. And I don’t care what anybody says, it totally lines up!

No, but for me, under the influence, a 40 minute LP would seem like two hours. That’s about 1 hour and 45 minutes more Floyd than I can stand in one sitting.

Listen to the album while high. In particular listen for “Isn’t this where we came in?” And prepare to have your mind blown.

ETA: Now that I think about it, that probably works best when listening on a cassette that will auto play the other side at the end.

I gave up pot back in 1984 (it took a while longer for me to give up the other substances I abused) but before I did, I listened to the album AND saw the movie in a marijuana-altered perceptual state multiple times.

:neutral_face: Nope, no sirree, certainly not.

Regarding “The Wall”, I remember in high school and college, everyone said “you need to be drunk or stoned to watch it.” I think this is just a burnout myth. Yes it’s a trippy film, yes it may have been drug-inspired. But as a work of art, it’s not exactly subtle. The meanings are megaphone-broadcast. The visuals really aren’t that great.

Anyway, I can’t watch TV/movies under the influence of alcohol or weed. Too sedating, and I don’t remember anything I watched. LSD might be more fun, but when I take that, I find that TV/films don’t really hold my attention. Too much happening in the outer and inner worlds for me to jump into someone else’s fantasy.

I got high once in 1982 and watched a wall for about an hour and a half.