Have you ever peed yourself?

I know it doesn’t have the same humor/horror as pooping yourself but it does seem to be a center of embarasssment/humor (depending who its happening to).

I am a naturally skittish person; if I am engrossed in something and somebody opens the door/taps my shoulder/says hello it will scare the living daylights out of me. Now, if I have to pee really bad and I get startled, well, you can imagine the result.

Once I was playing a game of Starcraft on Battlenet and was involved in a very close match. My friend suddently knocked on my bedroom window (it was late and he didn’t want to disturb other people in the house). I had to pee really bad but wanted to finish the game. Well, this was a mistake because when I heard the knocking sound on the window it startled me so badly I peed my pants. Fortunately I was home so when I let my friend in I told him “Look what you made me do!” :eek: and he cracked up (so did I). Fortunately not mortifying for me, just a little bothersome.

My friend, his roomate, and I all had a weight training class at a nearby community college last year. One day, we were walking to class and roomate had to pee bad. By coincedence we happened to make some really funny remark that made her laugh so hard she peed in her leotard (stress incontinence I guess). Ran off to the bathroom and fortunately she was able to use the hand dryer to evaporate the evidence.

When I was twelve, I fell off my horse, got knocked out, and when I came to I had peed my pants. I was totally embarrassed after (I was really woozy - had a concussion) but it was only at the barn, it’s not like I was in school or anything.

I’ve never done it accidentally…



Yep, once when I was very, very pregnant, and laughing.

I peed someone else once, but I don’t want to talk about it.

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Maybe as a wee lass. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was very very young…

I was at a party with a friend, it got late. He got really smashed and passed out in a chair. We were sitting around talking when we heard this ::tinkle tinkle:: then :: gush:: , he pissed himself in front of some very cute chicks…

I passed out after getting blood drawn a few weeks ago - just happened to have a full bladder. Oopsies! Not fun - the passing out or the pee.


I have only done it once and it was under very rough conditions.

A few years ago I was diagnosed as having mild high blood pressure and my doctor wasn’t sure why - it doesn’t really run in my family and I don’t use a lot of salt or things like that. Apparently there is some condition where if there isn’t enough blood flow to the kidneys (a crimped blood vessel or something) the kidneys request higher blood pressure to make sure they get enough blood and he wanted to test me for it.

So I went to the hospital for a test - they stuck an IV in my arm and pumped me full of fluids for about an hour. Then they injected a a radioactive tracer and a diuretic and got me situated on the scanning machine. They then told me that I had to lay there perfectly still for a half hour, I’d have to pee like a racehorse for most of the time, and that I couldn’t move a bit for the entire thing.

The first 15 minutes weren’t so bad - and then the urge to pee came and man was it strong. I managed to make it another 10 minutes or so before I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Luckily it didn’t take much to get rid of the immediate pain and I was able to make it through the rest of the test. Only a little came out so it didn’t even show on my jeans at all. I had to piss about every half hour for the rest of that day and it was torture. :slight_smile:

Luckily the scan came back fine (with no problems) because I wasn’t planning on doing that again - at least not without a pair of Depends or something. :eek:

A friend of mine decided to donate blood on his lunch break…instead of eating lunch. He also had not eaten breakfast that morning. So when they extracted the blood, he got a little woozy, passed out and peed. They gave him a lab coat to wear back to the office. Unfortunately he had to be in court, and didn’t have time to go home and change. I guess having your court appointed lawyer show up dressed like a doctor would be a little better than having him show up with a big pee stain. :slight_smile:

OMG that reminds me of ‘My Cousin Vinny’ when Vinny’s suit got ruined and he had to go to a secondhand store and wear that gawdawful orange suit to court and the judge didn’t even take him seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Parallax, I feel your pain. I was on a diuretic for a kidney scan after a surgery last year. They wanted to check on the results. I had to lie still for about 45 minutes, and I too was informed that I would have to go. The kind nurse had one of those pee container things ready; she would hold it for me if I had to go and it was okay. Why not? I had already spent five days in the hospital after my surgery, so modesty was kind of a moot point.

So I got after maybe 15-20 minutes to the point that I needed to go, BAD. So the nurse lifts the little hospital johnny and hold the container in place. Hooray, I think, time to pee.

Nothing happens.

“Um… right,” I say. After a few minutes we give up, and intend to try again later. But no matter what, I just couldn’t. I didn’t get it; what was this, performance anxiety!? over the next 30 minutes we tried again for long periods, and I just couldn’t do it! Nary a drop. Needless to say, by the time I could move, I was bursting at the seams. As soon as my IV was out, I hopped up and high-tailed it to the bathroom, and made it just in time. That was the second most satisfying piss of my life. (The most satisfying was my first wee after having the Evil Catheter of Doom removed some four days after my surgery shudder).

As for actually peeing my pants, hasn’t happened since I was 10. I had to go, but I was playing on the computer. Eventually my brother came along. I had to go really really bad, but first I needed to save my game. “I need to save it!” I said desperately; things were getting bad down below. Finally, I named the file and clicked Save.

It was too late. WHOOSH, soaked my shorts, ran down my legs to make an ENORMOUS puddle on the concrete floor. I do not believe I have ever again been so humiliated in my entire life.