I peed my pants.

No, I’m not an incontinent 87 year old. I’m a 33 y/o woman and I peed my pants.

My husband bought me a trampoline for my birthday last month and today I got brave enough to try flips. So I was going along practicing, flipping, falling and, unbeknownst to me, peeing my pants.

As I was flipping around I kept just sort of noticing a wet feeling but I just kind of ignored it. Then I did a really big flip and as I landed I felt a gush. I thought “what the…?” and got off a ran into the house and into the bathroom where i discovered that I had peed myself.

After sitting there stunned with myself I did what every normal person would do. I got on a new pair of undies and pants and headed back out to the trampoline! But first I emptied my bladder the proper way.

Kegels are our friend ArtyDooDoo. :smiley:

Ha! Ha!

be glad you didn’t DooDoo, ArtyDooDoo What a squishy mess that would have been.