Have you ever taken prescription medication for a mental health issue?

Have you ever taken prescription medication for a mental health issue? This would include antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics or any other prescription medication for any mental health issue.

For the purposes of this poll, this does not include drugs for neurological issues like stroke or epilepsy. It also does not include medical marijuana for any reason, even if it was prescribed to you. It does not include medications you took that were not prescribed to you. It does not include over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, or other alternative medications or supplements.


Any reason for the poll? Or just seeing how crazy we really are here?

Just curious. Prescriptions for mental health issues seems to come up often in threads, and I thought it would be interesting to see how widespread it is. No judgement implied or expressed.

Ok neat. I wasn’t really accusing either FTR, I was also just curious. Curiosity abounds!

I took Buspar (god was THAT pointless) and Citalopram (much better) during the day and Trazadone at night to help me sleep.

I was also given something else for emergencies that was way stronger (started with a C and I can’t remember it) but I never actually needed it, it’s sitting in my apartment somewhere just in case.

I don’t take anything anymore because at the time I was getting in in college and it was therefore cheap, now I don’t have insurance and can’t afford regular prescriptions so I just weaned my way off of it and then stopped. That was about 2 or 3 years ago. If I ever get insurance again I doubt I would go back on them with the MAYBE exception of the sleep aid cuz sleep is still tough sometimes

I was forcibly medicated with a prescription drug for a mental health issue as a child. The drug carries specific warnings in relation to cardiac issues. I do not know if it carried the same warning at the time.

I had serious side effects including tachycardia, but the medical providers insisted on continuing to medicate me. I was not monitored by a cardiologist as recommended.

I’ve tried various anti-depressants off & on since I was 18 (mild clinical depression, likely just caused by the shitty lifestyle I was in at the time) with no success. The last time was Citalopram around 2007 and it turned me into a fat zombie. Gained 12 pounds on my very thin frame and I could barely function through the fatigue. It also gave me night sweats. Picture waking up soaked in the morning.

No more. I’d rather be sad than a fat still-depressed zombie.

I currently take Prozac, Buspar, and Welbutrin. I’ve tried other stuff in the past (prescribed) but my current combo actually works very well. I have BPD and depressive disorder.

It may explain a lot about the SDMB.

I’m on Paxil for anxiety.

When I saw the thread title I half jokingly thought “the question is who hasn’t?”
I feel like I’ve encountered many people who have or are currently taking a little sumpin’ sumpin’, and those are just the ones that openly admit it.

Anywho, I voted “currently taking”. I’ve taken a few different antidepressants over the years and am off those but now take Citalopram for anxiety attacks.

<hijack> Interesting how differently it effects me and ** Soylent Juicy**. The one that turned me into an obese ogre was Seroquel. It made me homicidal while I was on it and then almost suicidal when I got off it and realized how much weight I had gained.

Voluntarily: Stelazine, oral meds, for about a week, 1979; did not like, stopped.

Involuntarily: Either Thorazine, Haldol, or Prolixin, 1 day, injections, 1980, inside the loony bin;

Semi-Involuntarily: Navane, oral meds, 2 consecutive doses, 1982, immed. prior to my escape from 2nd loony bin

Nothing since. I prefer my native neurochemistry.

I’m currently on Effexor, Buspar, and Propanolol, the last one being for a permanent tremor in my right arm. I’ve also taken various SSRI’s, Imipramine, and Nardil. The Nardil had a paradoxical effect and was an absolute nightmare; the others have had varying degrees of success although I may have to adjust the combo I’m on right now as it seems to make me slightly manic.

On Zoloft, Xanax and sleeping medication. I’m going in on Tuesday to have my meds adjusted.

I went with the middle even though that wasn’t quite the case. I had a doctor for a while who saw depression lurking everywhere. He was worse with depression than McCarthy was with communists. Once when I had a series of injuries he added an anti-depressant to my normal drugs (because all this has to be getting you down) without telling me. It cause such a horrible depression and change in personality that I almost ended up divorced and taking a short walk off a tall bridge. I fired him and got a better doctor. Since then everything has been fine.

I currently take 20mgs daily of Paxil. Thinking about weaning off though.

Self medicating with ethanol and cannabis is all I’ve ever needed.

Other than getting head rushes/being dizzy for a spell towards the beginning, none of my meds ever really did anything outside of what they were supposed to.

Although I again have to mention for being so apparently low key my buspar did jack shit to me other than make me dizzy and uncomfortable

Very low dose of Celexa. Was getting panic attacks last year, so my doc put me on it for a few months. Then this past fall I felt the symptoms starting again, so I’m back on as a precaution. I figure I’ll just stay on it for the indefinite future. Aside from taking a long time to “finish” during sex, there are no side effects. My wife isn’t complaining either. :slight_smile:

Yes, anti-depressants, all temporarily, and all of them made me fall asleep. The tranquilizer I was given after my first husband died? That one kept me up all night.

(I also get mildly wired from Benadryl. Whee.)

This describes me accurately. :smiley: Though you would have to pry my citalopram away from my cold, dead hands. I’m never giving it up.

I am on three other medications to control my citalopram side effects. No cure for sweating, though.