Have you heard of I Married Dora?

From a different thread ** Burpo the wonder mutt** thinks that the finale of this very short lived show was a great moment in TV history.

I watch way too much TV and had never heard of it. So honestly, before you read that thread had you ever heard of this show and/or the finale?

I’m just trying to figure out if I somehow missed an important event and will be laughed at the next time I’m mingling with the Queen and she brings it up in small talk.

I didn’t watch it when it aired but I remember hearing about in a previous discussion about TV final episodes.

I voted no, but then I read the Wiki for the show, and I have heard about that ending before.

I remember seeing it on TV when it originally aired, although I probably wouldn’t remember the title if the series finale didn’t come up in Internet discussions now and then.

This was the sitcom about a single father who married his housekeeper to keep her from being deported. (Seriously, that was the premise of the show.)

I didn’t remember this, but looking at the Wikipedia entry for the show I see that young Juliette Lewis played he daughter.

I learned about it from a recent thread here but not before that so I voted NO.

Heard of it, never watched it.

I’ve heard of the show, I may even have watched an episode or two but I really don’t remember it or the finale.

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Never heard of it.

Of course! Anything Juliette Lewis does is worth watching IMO, even a short-lived series. They should have given it more time to develop - it had a lot of possibilities for humor. I thought the surprise ending, especially for the time, was quite a shock, and funny.

I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it, if you watch a lot of TV.

Heard of it, never saw it… had the impression it was a much older show than late-1980s.

This is one of those trivia items about which TV geeks know and no one else cares.

I voted Yes, by the way.

I feel knowledgable :slight_smile: I watched it and I saw the finale live. I haven’t though about it much in the intervening years, though.

It’s funny, of all the moments about that show, what I remember most is the episode where they were preparing for their INS interviews and exchanging information about birthmarks. Dora had a birthmark the shape of Florida, and a freckle where Disney World was, but she wouldn’t tell him where on her body it was.

I voted yes, but I’ve never heard of the TV show. I am, however, happily married and my wife’s name is Dora :slight_smile:

I bet even most of those who voted yes are in the ‘heard of it but never watched it’ camp. Its final episode was not some great moment in tv on par with Nipplegate or the last episode of MASH.

Funnily enough, this exact joke is one of the few specific details I remember about the show. I almost mentioned it in my previous post. The husband asked “Where is it?” and Dora said “You know where Disney World is” in a tone that made it clear she understood what he meant but wasn’t going to answer.

Yes, and then they showed him in the interview with the INS agent, and the agent (of course), asked him where it was located, and the husband deadpans, “Right next to Georgia.”

Watched it when it aired. Loved the ending.

I remember the name and the premise. I was 8 when it was on, so it’d be the sort of deal where as a family we’d watch the entire 2-hour block of whatever was on TV on prime time so it was just another one of those shows.

I do not remember the ending. As an 8-year-old I probably wouldn’t have gotten it.

I vaguely remember it airing but the main reason I know it is it’s infamous finale.